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Muslim OBC certificates Being Rejected

JNU, DU Reject Kerala’s OBC Certificates
NEW DELHI: Once again the officials at the JNU administration have rejected the OBC non-creamy layer certificates produced by the Muslim candidates from Kerala citing illogical reasons. The JNU administration refuses to accept the certificates submitted by the candidates at the time of admission to validate their claims for reservation, pointing at simple technical problems thus obstructing the academic prospects of several deserving students hailing from Kerala.
The rejected certificates clearly states that the candidates belongs to Islam religion, Muslim community which is designated as Backward Class under: i) Resolution No. 12011/68/93-BCC dated the 10th September 1993 published in the Gazette of India Extraordinary Part I, Section No. 186 dated the 13the September, 1993.. Ii) Resolution No. 12011/9/94-BCCC dated the 19th October 94 published in the Gazette of India Extraordinary Part I, Section No.163 dated the 20th October, 1994. iii) Resolution No. 12011/7/95-BCC dated the 25th May 1995 published in the Gazetee of India Extraordinary Part I, section No. 88 dated the 25the May, 1995. The certificate also clearly states that the candidate does not belong to the persons/section (Creamy Layer), mentioned in column 3 of the schedule to the Government of India.
Besides, the entry number 39 and 39 (A) in the central list of other backward classes, clearly mentions: Mappilas and other Muslisms Muslims excluding (I) Bohra (ii) Cutchi Menmon (iii) Navayat (iv) Turukkan (v) Dakhani Muslim, while in the Kerala state government has given ‘Muslim’ or ‘Mappila’ under entry number 43.
Despite the clear evidences and no ground for confusion, the JNU officials argue that the certificates do not mention whether or not the candidates belong to the five categories mentioned, doubting the credibility of the certificate issuing authority in Kerala. The same arguments and clarifications have been given for the past five years, but still the same officials raise the same doubts.
The students are now perplexed at the reasoning of the officials in a university like JNU. It is also learnt that some other universities like Delhi University is creating same confusing situations for the deserving candidates and thus denying the possibilities offered by the reservations policy. The students have been approaching authorities in the state and at the centre, to end this fiasco, but not a permanent solution has been taken so far.

deoband - jamiat ulama i hind

Dear sir
I would be most greatful if you would send all or any artical on darul uloom deaband, jamiat ulama i hind or Maulana Mahmood Madani , Maulana as'ad madani, Maulana Arshad Madani, or Maulana Qari Usman Mansurpuri.
Many thanks
Mohamed Ali Patel, UK.


Asalamualaikum varah...
Peace be upon 'U','ME'&'EVERY MUSLIM UMMATH'
My humble request to every muslim organizations and elites please don't give speach against of any org.n... at public program or via media bcz it shuld not give a good solution..But it destroy unity of muslim ummath..Do u find any defects or like this...about any org.n to call their representatives "RESEARCH AND FIND TRUTH" move u r face to a commaon subject..INSHA ALLAH it will give a good solution and also unity...
If do u find any defects on Non-muslim org or like this.. u can call publicly.. openly condut debate like this..Bcz it avoid unneccesary confusions and it outed our truthfulness of that matter.... AGAIN MY VERY VERY HUMBLE REQUEST PLZ GIVE UP U R 'EGOs' AND PLZ TRY TO ORGANIZE ALL THE MUSLIM ORG.S UNDER ONELY ONE COMMON FACT.. PLZ OUT OUR STATE OF ISLAM IS THE ONLY BEST OF UNITY....PLZZZZZZZZZZZ

why beg for OBC certificates when u say u r Muslim

If a person is Muslim, technically he/She cannot resort to the caste system just to gain benefit in education or job.
Muslims should stop begging for caste certificates, work hard, use wisdom, consult senior experienced people and progress in education and start small profiting businesses.The Govt is not going to give Muslim Indians education facilities or good jobs so easily.

vogus obc reservation in west bengal

dis obc reservation in west bengal is vogus not atall helpfull for muslim...it only create divisions among the community..its consoiracy against muslim comminity.


Nice Article. But I have few objections(hope you will acperpiate them, being a debator): 1. So reservation for women is as important as reservation for the other long-discriminated sections of the society The premise of your argument in favour of girls reservation is importance of other quotas which in itself is wildly controversial subject. Either base your argument on established facts or establish the importance of other reservations. 2. If we analyze the regional background of people who generally make it to the top engineering colleges, we’ll find that majority of the people come from the lesser-developed regions. This is grossly inaccurate statement. Had this been so, there wont be problem of disparity of intellectual capital that this country is facing. Also, take in perspective that no such gender gap exists in medical colleges. By your argument, medical competition would also be popular in lesser developed regions.We either need to accept to genders as different, given different sets of capabilities and respect the differences. Or we need to scientifically examine each field where they differ in performance. You mention TOI article, it is also annual ritual of all newspaper to declare girls left guys behind in 10th and 12th boards in terms of pass percentage. Instead of celebrating this then, we should research what are the reasons(are guys burdened with running families? is hooliganism attracting our male teens? Are they pressured into taking non-soft subjects?). The path to gender equality shall be both ways.