Is Dr.Zakir Naik's way of propagating Islam effective in India?


Islamic ResearchFoundation(IRF)is the only org.doing Dawah.

Zakir Bhai is doing Dawah without compromising any of basic teachings of Islam.Most of the apologetic secularists like Maulana Wahiduddin Khan,Asghar Ali Engineer have succumbed to the pressure of westerners/hidutavadis when explaining Jihad/Hijab/Womens Rights etc.Therefore their Dawah is ineffective.
All other groups are political or muslim islahi groups.No other english language can claim to do dawah.
However Zakir should take precautions when quoting scriptures of hinduism as we are not supposed to believe in them.Also should avoid equating Hindu deities names as similar to the meaning of attiributes of Allah(swt).

Not at all

If gaining appreciation among non-Muslims, increasing understanding between the various communities and paving the way for a nuanced discussion is the criterion for effectiveness, then Dr. Zakir Naik's methods are an utter failure. I was a great fan of his, but started doubting his method as I matured in thinking. I was convinced when I talked to various non-Muslims and almost all of them have not so positive view of Dr. Zakir Naik. His lectures are more of 'munazara' rather than 'discussions'.

Reply to brother faisal

Munazara differentiates right from wrong clearly,whereas discussions always end in lot of ambiguities.General masses of Hindus do not need ambiguous discussions.They need crystal clear message of Islam delivered to them.
Effectiveness does not mean whether people accepted him or not.There were lot of messengers of Islam before Prophet Muhammed(saas)who could not convert even their own family members,but that does not mean they were ineffective.
Our job is to deliver the message as it is, without adding/deleting/deviating even a fraction of what Prophet(saas)conveyed to us.To accept or not it depends on the sincerety of the individual.Prophet(saas)said My Dawah(call) is like a fruitful rain,if the soil is fertile it will benefit,but if its barren then water will flow away and will not benefit.Now let Indians become fertile land so that the light of Islam reaches&benefits every home.

Dr. zakir Naik is best indian who is doing dawah 100% better

All Muslim Brothers

Before commenting any thing about Dr Zakir Naik please check your religious knowledge about your own. In this current suitation of world where the westren media project the the Islam as barbaric religion ( With out even knowing what mentioned in Quran).If Dr Zakir Naik him self told in his speechs that is also a human being there might be a mistake or misunder stanind was done this means you can't tall that he is wrong. So please my dear brother if some body doing a job don't try find mistakes but try suggest with him with your ideas.

Allah Hafiz

Abdul sattar

"Would you believe in Islam

"Would you believe in Islam if I answer your question? he asked a woman in front of a large audience in Dubai...And there were uttering of thundering Takbirs when some of the audience converted to Islam. To invite to the religion is a great deed..but to show up and insist is not...friendly dialogue is appreciated not heated debates and Munazaras...Among our Hindu friends he is being depicted as a fanatic and unfriendly advocate of Islam..but among many Muslims, who gets addicted to emotional expression of religion, he is a great man..though they don't follow Islam's morals and ethics in their own life they will harp for others' conversion, expose the angry faces at any kind of criticisms...
Islam should be at first propagated through the life of a Muslim...Others should understand Islam through our behaviours, morality, ethics, concept of life, dealings with each and everything...

Zubair please dont pick the

Zubair please dont pick the lines in between the conversation without telling the context,this is the method of Yahud and anti islamists.That lady was there just to create mischief and was asking questions one after the other without bothering about the answers.Zakir is an expert in dealing with Christian missionaries tactics to sabotage the programme which was a great success.Lot of non muslims who are interested in knowing Islam from muslims point of view attend Zakirs programmes.Zakir Alhamdulillah has been instrumental by the grace of Allah(swt)in converting thousands(no exaggeration) into fold of Islam.

TNTJ's PJ also doing Dawah in Tamil for the universal tamil ppl

In Tamilnadu the organisation called Tamilnadu Thowheed Jamath also doing Dawah to the Tamil People incl Muslims and Non Muslims by various programs called "Islam Or Iniya Markam" like that

Brother Anish

Thanks for the info.May Allah(swt)accept your efforts.w/salam

Do not equate Hamsa Bird with Stork!

"Towheed" is derived from the root word "Waahid," which means "Single!" or "one and only"! Towheed refers to "the worship of one and only ALLAH!"To justify their existence the leader of the party is "insinuating doubts in the trusting minds and baffling reason with his own interpretation of divine laws! With his limited vison , he is out to make a fortune in every field, say, religious, political, social and cohabit with "wahabism"! Wherever he goes,he creates problems of law and order.He takes pride in saying every time," I help a couple of person "evert to Islam!"He does not affirm that those converts remain as Muslims later on!
On the other hand, Dr. zakir Naik. with his erudition, baffling'mMemory power' invites all to the Way of Allah "with wisdom and fair exhortation and enviable preaching and argues with people of other faiths in ways that are best and most gracious!" In line with verse 125 of Chapter 16 of the Holy QUran. Further, all those who embrace Islam in hjs presence continue to remainas as Muslims and lead a true Islamic way of life!
H,ence the comparison is odious!

Why not ask Non-Muslims how

Why not ask Non-Muslims how humiliated they feel? It only serves the purpose of satisfying ego of Muslims and contributing only negative force in the society. It is the modern way of Munazra, which was denounced earlier by positive force.

His medium and way is the best way

Surely his way is the correct and the best way in today's times.May be in future we may have something better.Even Muhammad(Sallallaho alehey wasallam)times, utilised the best media available at that time, as we know he sent the Message of Islam and inviting people to Islam, who were the Kings(Utmost Authority) of the greatest af the Great Empires of those times (Byzantine , Western Roman). He quoted Quranic verses(Nisa 3:64) in his letters and he was successful too. I believe Dr. Zakir's uses the same strategy. We all should follow the same, whether talking to muslims or non-muslims.


Do as u like Allah will take accounts we are not DAROGAS

Religion is the cause of hatred hell to sectrianism brelvi,deobandi,wahabi,shia,sunni,etc,etc Call and be known as a MUSALMAAN,MUSALMAAN,MUSALMAAN, MUSALMAAN

ZAKIR'S WAHABI ISLAM will destroy all other sects of ISLAM

ZAKIR is spreading WAHABI ISLAM with SAUDI MONEY, which is the major cause of violence in the world and is killing more MUSLIMS than non-MUSLIMS. WAHABI ISLAM was propounded to justify killing MUSLIMS in ARABIA as QUR'AN SURAH 4/92 prohibits killing Muslims -"NEVER SHOULD A BELIEVER KILL A BELIEVER and Surah 4/93 prescribes "HELL FOR KILLING A BELIEVER. Accusing someone of not being a "true Muslim" was the most legitimate way of killing them (in war or in an act of terrorism) and escape from "hell fire". Thus came up WAHABI ISLAM and the HOUSE of SAUD captured political power in ARABIA using WAHABI ISLAM.

WAHABI ISLAM legitimises killing of all other MUSLIMS- SHIA, SUNNI, SUFI, bravelli, Deobandi, Ahammadiya etc etc. As long as WAHABI ISLAM prosper MUSLIMS will never ever be at peace.

AK singh+Antony+FamousAnonymous

"Wahabi"Saudi Arabia is host to millions of expatriates muslims and non muslims from all over the world including Hindus,Brahmins,Marathas,banyas,Dalits,Shudras all of them living highly peaceful life since last 30 years and thousands of brahmins have become billionares with saudi arabian employment.
Any doubts?Just visit chamber of commerce website for the figures.

Effort at regaining lost eminence using MONEY!!!!

SAUDI ARABIA is financing ZAKIR NAIK to spread WAHABI ISLAM to regain the place of prominence SAUDIS lost to Indian/Turkish/ Iranian Muslims from 13 Century to early 20th Century by using OIL MONEY. By declaring the ISLAM being followed by the highly advanced ISLAMIC CULTURES of India/Turkey/Iran as LESS-ISLAMIC SAUDIS are placing Muslims of these countries on the defensive.

Regarding happiness of non-Muslims in SAUDI- Will Muslims be happy if peaceful life is offered but BUDDHISM is imposed on all Indian Muslims. It is same with SAUDI ARABIA. No body is happy in SAUDI ARABIA without religious freedom - with WAHABI ISLAM being imposed on every one - but it is "just the money". SAUDIS treat Indian Muslims which include Bangladeshi and Pak Muslims like vermins/cockroaches. One Indian Muslim had to escape in the bathroom of a plane. There were frequent complaints about the ill-treatment of Indian Muslims on HAJ pilgrimage. SAUDI is the biggest violator of human rights in the world but USA keeps quite because SAUDI collects the wealth of the world as OIL revenue and deposit in US BANKS- indirectly sponsoring killing of MUSLIMS in IRAQ, AFPAK and rest of the world. Even The US EVANGELIST keep shut even though even Christianity is NOT allowed to be preached in SAUDI- there is no demand of religious freedom from even the "POPE" because on MONEY. The workers are poor people - what say can they have, but to say they are HAPPY would be widely off the mark.

Islam is the way of life

@Ali Akbar

Islam is the way of life, be it Saudi or India. There is nothing like Wahabi islam or Sunni islam. If you are following Quran and Authentic hadiths then you are on the right path and it is your duty to call people towards righteousness and tell them that holy Quran is the word or God. Islamic law is not from Wahabi or Sunni, it is from Allah s.w.t, the only God.

Have conviction and then speak

@ Anonymous,

While your ignorance of Islam is evident, try to study what Islam is and not its version as you think there are. There is nothing like Wahhabi Islam or Sunni Islam or Shia Islam. In your definition of other Islams (Muslims), you seem to be confused as yor contention that Ahammadiya or Ahamdiya or Qadiyaniyat too is similar of the line Shia, Sunni, Barelvi etc. At the most you can call Deobandi, Barelvi etc as school of thought of Sunni sect of Islam while Shia being another sect. If you insist that Qadiyanis too must be incorporated as 'Muslims', you are making the general public lose interest in your rants.
If the Saudi system is bad in your eyes (it is same in my view as well) then how come its greatst supporter US of A is not in the same league? The select and pick attitude shows you have no standing but want people to fall for your red herring. While most of us need to avoid you, not engaging you would embolden you and thus this reply.
If Dr Zakir is bad not opining for offering greetings to non-Muslims, he is no tolerant, what about the so called mosques which display resrictions on the so called sects (what to ask for entry of non-Muslims and ladies)? You seem to have found 'many faults' with Islam and wish to use in publicising the same. Do you think the things you assume to be fault are goinng to stick to malign Islam? The typical mentality of enemy's enemy being friend while one remains neutral for being impotennt(in all senses of the word) is on show here. Do not hide behind the facade of free speech and internet pseudo-presence. The character shown by many self styled enemies of Islam since time immemorial is history and so is their achievement.
If you are not able to digest somebody's achievements, do not try wasting your energies. They all are destines to be summing up to nought.


Verify your views, knowledge, source before commenting.

I lived and worked in Saudi Arabia for over two decades. I know, even among Saudi population, less than 20% believe and practice Wahabi-type of Islam.

And you ("Anonymous", including most readers) will be amazed to know total Saudi population. Verify statistics (Saudi population) with your own research, and then comment.

Good Luck!!!

What could be better if you are proven true

Dear Anonymous,

What could be better, if your fears come true. The sects are not part of Islam and those who talk of sects been foretold by the Prophet, remember that the Prophet talked of only one sect being on true path. Now, what Muslims need is only one sect, the sect of Islam which is acceptible to Allah and his messengers true message would be the same. To people ignorant about fact, anything which your fathers did becomes a sunnat but what about the sunnat of the Prophet. Those who take position in comparison of others instead of bothering to follow the path shown by the Prophet are the unfortunate people who are doomed. Try following the path by way of reading and understanding the Qur'an. Mind it, those who are anti-this and anti-that, I mean the anti-Wahhabis or anti-Ahle Hadees will not be able to save themselves by mere 'antogonism' but own deeds of following. So, my dear 'ignorants' do not waste your time and energy in mere branding but to follow the real Islam. Islam does not belive in sects. Just try following Islam as in Qur'an and be happy and content. Qur'an is the only way to Allah and others can atmost be called peripherals. To hell with the sects....

assalamalaikum br. m naqqaad

br. m naqqaad i am agree with the views you expressed in this forum. you are not only a knowledgible man but also an active personality. keep it up. zakir naik is best.i request all brothers and sisters please don't take his views by any sects, if you put him in the so called wahabis side and think that he is not the ideal man for propagating the islam in india than who else is there who can reply to the rss, vhp and togadia. they are spreading the untruth about islam but there is nobody to protest them fearlessly.all keep silent.why should we be silent ? we muslim are the indian and we are proud indian muslim.only muslim get chance to bury in the soil of the if one man has shown this courage to speak frankly in front of anyone than we should atleast keep silent if we can not support him.only Allah knows best.may allah s.w.t guide us.

I reiterate Br Husain that...

assalamu alaikum,

brother Husain and TCN readers,

let me reinterate here that we may be fully or partially in agreement with another person but this should not form the basis of proving one-up-manship. May be we have many more qualities/habits which may put off others while we could point out one or two. My contention is that we need not to pull other's legs so that our own slow pace is recognised as achievement. The saddest part is we are in danger of invoking the wrath of the Almighty by denigrating the actions of one of his creature who He might approve. Conversely, if we feel that the person is question is dead-wrong, instead of wasting time and energy, one need to show the right path. The we need to come out of the crab mentality if Success is our goal.

Which is the true path sect


The Muslims themselves do know which is the sect that is following the TRUE PATH. Every Muslims claims that his path is true path and kills every other Muslims as QUR'AN prescribes death to nonbelievers. If ALLAH could NOT protect the grand son of MUHAMMAD, how in the world will any other Muslim have a chance. In this life MUSLIMS are getting kicked around all over the world and if after death if only 1/72 sects Muslim will be identified as following the TRUE PATH and all the rest, 71/72 sects of Muslims will land in HELL FIRE for following the WRONG PATH why take a chance??? Why not convert to some other religion which knows that they are following the true path for sure, Buddhism, Sikhism, Jainism, Hinduism etc.

Any way the SUNNIS and SHIAS can NOT both be following the TRUE PATH as both follow distinctly different path. So substantial Muslims will land in HELL FIRE, either sunnis or shias.

stop criticising brother Zakir

Those who criticise the ways and methods of brother Zakir should fear from Allah (swt). He's doing a great job.

Let our perception be unbiased!

There cannot be any two opinions on the great success of Dr. Zakir Naik's mission of spreading the knowledge of Islam and invitation to thers to accept the "perfected religion" : Islam!His simple and convincing talk.vast erudition,as regards all principal religious faiths,torrent of quotations from diverse scriptures impel people of other faiths to embrace islam out of their own volition!
May Allah bless him with long life,robust health and best rewards here and in the hereafter.Ameen!
Also let those who wish to evaluate his good work, do so without personal prejudices ccccoming in the way!


not effective in the least degree

what an absurd to pull the legs of an world renouned islamic sch

If you criticize Dr.Zakir then your religious understanding is not more than 5%

Is Dr. Zakir Naik's way of........ in India?

Absolute and Undoubtable YES, and thumbs up.

Dr. Zakir A.K. Naik is a "revert" (as opposed to convert) from Hinduism to Islam. I would advise readers to rewind and observe, what is the first word a child utters - it is "Allah" a naturally expressive word.

Dr. Naik is (I mean was) a practicing medical doctor, a learned Hindu Religious Scholar, and is now the only known COMPARATIVE RELIGIOUS SCHOLAR of his caliber. I do not of any religious scholar who has mastered COMPARATIVE RELIGIOUS STUDIES.

Before raising this question, one needs to view (with unbiased mind) umpteen lectures / debates by Dr. Zakir Naik in form of video-cassettes, DVD's, CD's, and audio-cassettes.

If, Dr. Zakir Naik's way of propagating Islam in ineffective, I would question WHO-ELSE? Or showe me an alternate!!!


I don't think Dr. Zakir Naik

I don't think Dr. Zakir Naik is a revert to Islam. He very much was born as a Muslim.

dr. zakir naik does not stand alone

brother we have shabir ally, abul rahman green, yusuf estes,and nadir ahmad someties. when he's not insulting people.

dr zakir naik is the only

dr zakir naik is the only person who is creating a very peaceful environment in the favour of Islam through the thorough knowledge of Quran and sahih hadith... so it is very bad for a muslim who is criticising Mr Naik without studying anything about Quran and Hadith....... It is very disappointing that muslims are opposing the principles of Islam by opposing Mr Naik..........Firstly we should have proper knowledge about anything then we should cricize anybody...It may also happen that we are opposing a person without knowing anything then we are doing a crime...In India nobody is there who is spreading Islam without any fear....Allahhafiz

zakir naik is the only da'ee doing the hardcore dawa. Alhamdulil

indeed zakir naik is spreading peace, all the people against zakir naik are against just because it does'nt match with erroneous believes & many are against because of jealous & hatred & ego problems.may Allah(swt) guide all of them to islam. indeed all the works of zakir bhai are in line with islam, there are many scholars of islam who are with zakir bhai alhamdulillah.
may Allah(swt) make each child of his school a zakir naik & ofcourse many times more then him.insha Allah.
i would like to end to quoting the ayah from holy quran where Almighty Allah(swt) says that: "They plan & plot, Allah too plans & plots, Allah is the best of planner."
however much the people against him oppose him,Allah is with zakir bhai & Allah(swt) will protect him from against satans.



Dr. Naik is NOT the only or the first Muslim about whom people - to be more specific - Muslims have questioned whether he is a SIDDEEQ or a ZINDEEQ. About Ibnul Arabi, for example, people fought with each - one calling him by the former title and the other by the latter.

In this connection, I request I may be permitted to quote a saying attributed to Ameerul Momineen Ali Murthuza (R) who said: " SEE NOT WHO SAYS, SEE WHAT IS BEING SAID>" Supposing a child were to tell you that the sun rises from the East,will you pooh pooh the statement just because it comes from a small child? Just because one does not see to eye with him on a few Islamic concepts, it is totally wrong to denonce him in toto. Agree to differ but don't fight whilst differing, is my humble appeal to my "JOASHEELAI" Muslim brothers and sisters,
S.M.PASHA Convener,
Based at Chennai

What is Islam?

If one speaks in accordance with Quran & Saheeh Hadith he/she is on the right track, Allah save us from being among those who earned Allah's wrath or went astray!

i don't agree Dr.Zakir Naik's way of propagating Islam

I don't agree Dr.Zakir Naik's way of propagating Islam becouse some timeshe is propagating the messages of Vahabism.

And you are not able to spell your name

While you are entitled to have your own views on Dr Zair Naik, two things I need from your side:
1. What is the alternate way of propgating Islam if not Naik's way. Do we need to set up WMDs factories and threaten them to accept the Message?
2. What is your name by the way, is it a Sayyad or Saeed?
By mere commenting on things alien is not sufficient, we need to have alternate solutions if we are to comment. Start with your name, because, it is said "charity begins at home".

Zakir Naik Is Wrong

zakir naik may be a good human being, but his way of telling others that Islam is the truth is wrong, his methods are wrong, he creates animosity between people, arguments are his staple diet for such debates.

It is sinful

The link you pasted carries us to ideas which are leads one to divergence because of the ignorance inherent in the mentality. bid'at is inserting new things not verifiable in the forma of Islam. I am not a blind fan of Dr Zakir but a critique. I am yet to see him speaking anything against any religion or school of thought while could find many non-Muslims and people from other school of thoughts being invited by him. He never says anything but talks of common things which are ordained in the Qur'an. To blame him for speaking till now would be wrong, however, we need to monitor him. Salman, better it would be that instead of blaming him, we ouselves need to call people to the 'right' path. Allah is Omnipotent, He'd certainly bring the truth to fore. Going by your ways, it is possible that plain blame and no game would bring us the wrath of Allah. Muslims do not follow the path of 'revenge' or reverse engineering but 'hikmat' is their forte. We need to learn Islam and call otehrs to it by their own volition. By blaming Dr Zakir Naik, we are in fact blaming the numerous ulema and scholars who he has presented on Peace TV etc, you are guilty of doing what you are blaming him for.

The Wrong Way

We need Islamic preachers who are humble, who consider Islam to be one of several religions seeking the path to God, who respect the religions of others, who promote brotherhood of the human race, who can interpret Quranic injunctions in a broad humanistic framework, who condemn violence, terrorism and suicide-bombing in unequivocal terms, who denounce extremism and fanaticism, and who advance the cause of gender justice and gender equality. Unfortunately Dr.Zakir Naik is none of those.

Fear Allah In saying anything of which you dont have knowledge

My dear brother in islam before blaming any one you must think thousands time, Dont you know that Dr Zakir is spreading islam on the basis of Qura'an and authentic ahadith. Alhamdulillah whatever qualities u have mentioned in your quote, he does have all the qualities, and Allahs knows the best. What you only need to increase your knowledge. please do some homework to understand the purpose of our exisstance. If u dont I will tell you. It is to spread the good and stop the evil

Ghulam Mohiyuddin needs to clear his stand

You need to know what religion you follow. Your comment shows lack of depth in understanding but want to market your shallow thoughts for being liberal. Factually, those who know not or skin deep, you are marketable as 'libera' which translates into being a 'market'. Those who are ignorant are sought after by the power those be so that they rule for eternity.
The message of Islam is not confined to current Muslims or the Prophet Muhammad (sa) but has been sent to all of the people anywhere in the world. Had you understood what is being Allah, you could have known that He does not discriminate so as to favour only Arabs by sending Islam or that Jesus Christ was only a Jewish and his follower continue the message sent to him. It is not like Microsoft bringing out DOS and Windows as compuer operating systems and releasing its different versions!! How can he be partial towards you having sent the latest version. Actually, the messages he sent were discturbed so he sent the newer ones. By the logic you tried to apply for way to Allah, you seem to be confused and thus the statement in comment. If you mean the earlier versions were less capable like the versions of MS Windows, you concede and claim that your version is superior. If you study Islam, you realise that there is nothing like lesser or latest versions to the path to Allah but same. The only matter is how well you live that after passage of time. The distortion in earlier messages meant similar one is sent by Allah and he gave examples to this effect in the Qur'an by giving examples of those who went astray and bore the wrath of His. May be, in your zeal of being 'liberal', I mean in trying to be skin deep, your casteism leaked. This happens with most of the follower of the Barelvi school of thought to whom, anyone not following their ways is bracketed as Wahhabi, Ahle Hadees or even a Bid'ati while all sorts of 'inventions' are marketed as part of 'Sunnat'. It goes to the extent of calling for voting to an individual while this thing is not reported because those who have careers in communal politics, this ruling gives them a few seats in parliament. I am yet to see a Ahle Hadees or Wahhabi Masjid restricting anybody entering it but have seen many so called 'sunni' Mosques barring others. What to talk of Shias or women being allowed. While this 'liberal' version is practiced and advertised by vested elements, the educational and social status of the so called 'sunnis' continues to be going down and this is the reason most of Muslims are now below the lower castes in India. Another things which is diffucult to understand is that there is an institution of clergy in these people where a fatiha or a burial or birth needs a so called priets to preside. If this is what you expect from others to be accepted as equals or gender neutral and what not, better we do not have them. After all we have people like you as labels!!

Reply to Mr.Naqqaad

Mr.Naqqaad, you said, "The distortion in earlier messages meant similar one is sent by Allah". This is a futile way of looking at things. Others call our religion a "false religion", and we call their beliefs "disturbed". It is as if we elevate our religion by calling the religions of others defective. I wish Dr.Naik was not so literalistic and judgemental, and made an attempt to see the good in the religions of others.

It seems taht ghulam

It seems taht ghulam Mohiyddin is confused or he doesn't know niether Islam or what Dr. Zahir Naik is doing. Islam is not to be "Considered" so and so. It is a heavenly religion of peace. All it is prescribed by the Almighty and which ever you may try you can not come with any better definition. The violence, injustice extreemisms ... to the end of what ever you may list do not have nothing to do with Islam. They are all humanic desires whcich were there any time in histry; infact Islam is the only solution to all those problems.

So, I advise you to go back to the lessons of Dr Zakir Naik and learn before flooding your comments.

Reply to Anonymous

Anonymous, you said "Islam is not to be "Considered" so and so. It is a heavenly religion of peace." So you do "consider" it to be a heavenly religion of peace, as do I. Millions of others consider their religions to be the best path to peace or salvation or to God. We are all 'humsafars', and we should learn to respect one another. It is sad that Dr.Naik propagates a supremacist point of view.

Dr Zakir Naik

Plainly the MAN is saying the thruth ,its not going good to mujawers , khadims ,peers , disguised moulanas (money minters keeping people in the dark )darga goers (its bidaa in quran ) So i believe sorry to say u could be one of those mentioned above who thinks Dr Zakir is not ok .Imagine how many years these above mentioned people were making money and folling people and then THANKS TO ALLAH he brought about gentlemen like Sheikh Ahmed deedat (allah jannat de )and Dr Zakir and many more to bring about light in this very very dark world .



yes he does

i dont agree with thosse who dont agree with Dr. Zakir Naik.
Islam say s "whatever you here from someone first varify it and than believe it."
so those who say that he propagates vahabism they should refer to the glorious Qur'an And Sahih Hadiths fro confirmation.if he is against these both then reject him and if he is with these than accept.AND PLEASE DONT REFER TO THE BOOKS WRITTEN BY ULMAS FOR CONFIRMATION because they can give thier views and the best view is of Mohamman refer Qur'an and hadith.


Absolute and Undoubtable YES, and thumbs up.

Yes Dr.Zakir Naik way of propogating Islam is correct

I cant see any reason for accepting that the way Dr.Zakir Naik of propogating islam is wrong.

Zakir naik is propagating

Zakir naik is propagating Islam. Fine! But he does not hold ulemas of Deoband for in that case maulanas etc. in good esteem ( And Allah knows best). He is not an alim from any madrassa. We cannot compare the likes of the Ulemas passing out from madrassas to Dr. Naik. The ulemas struggle hard to understand the whole of Quran and Hadeeth in thier entire study period spanning over 10-15 years. We, being, commoners, do not dare to dvelve into the studies of Islam and so turn to the Ulemas. But Dr. Naik seems to have ..well...!!! A self made ulema. ?? Does not think Tasawuf to be part of islam? Outrightly says" Its Bidah"! Wonder in what pedestal he would put the great stalwarts like Maulana Hussain Ahmad madai (RAH), Qasim nanotavi(RAH), Khwaza Moinuddin Chisti (RAH) etc.


Brother- going by your comment, I feel it is indeed time for Muslims to wake up- indeed we cannot compare Madrassa pass-outs with Dr. Naik- most of the students go there not by choice but because they do not have any other alternative- will you send your ward there?
It is to the credit of Madarssas that they do prevent these children from becoming anti-social elements and give them good morals, make them Hafiz/Qari and some even turn out to be Aalims. But to say that anyone who holds a certificate from Deoband/Bareilly or is Salafi/Wahabi/Tablighi has mastered the whole of Qur'an and Sunnah is a huge leap.
To quote you "We, being, commoners, do not dare to dvelve into the studies of Islam and so turn to the Ulemas" - why should we not delve- the Qur'an invites us to think and ponder over the signs of Allah, to reflect on His Book? At least basic knowledge of Islam, every individual must possess and every individual should make an effort to read what is Allah's message for him/her. In this way, no one can take us for a ride based on his Sanad- to be true, even after their 'academic struggle', the community hardly provides the Imams/Huffaz with anything more than a meagre sustenance.

Of course, Ulama are better than us, but if everything was in order, why do you think there is no intellectual output coming from our side to the challenges posed by Western philosophies- why is no Iqbal or Muhammad Ali (Jauhar) born today? This does tell the story.

By the way, I am not aware of what Dr. Naik's views are on Tasawuff, but we also need to clarify which Tasawuff are we talking about- the one synonymous with Qawaalis or the Tasawuff or Shaykh Sirhindi which shook the Mughal empire? Dr. Naik may lack some aspects but as brother Naqqad said, before criticizing let us come up with a better way.