Best Indian Muslim organization

All India Muslim Majlis-e-Mushawarat
5% (9 votes)
All India Milli Council
2% (3 votes)
All India Muslim Personal Law Board
14% (27 votes)
Jamaat-e-Islami Hind
44% (83 votes)
Jamiat Ulama-i-Hind
9% (16 votes)
26% (49 votes)
Total votes: 187


Indian Union Muslim League

Indian Union Muslim League is a small political party in Kerala. But its achievement is too large. Look at Kerala Muslims. They are getting 12% reservation in Education and Government services job.

Even its single member of Lok Sabha is acting as Foreign Minister. Due to unity it is easy to reach our target. But leaders should be active and unselfish.

achievement of IUML

Dear IUML's achievement is not large, 12% reservation for 25% populated muslims is not big achievement, remember when bababri masjid was demolished IUML was in Cabinet.

Achivement of IUML

Sahib, comparison must be done in the background of the Muslims situation in other states of India. I have been in almost all the states and worked with them. In my analysis security, intergity and opportunity are the major achievements which IUML has provided to the Kerala Muslims. Saheb, 12% is reservation, if the muslim candidate is highly ranked then he comes under common quota.

Let us do not be blind in our own issues, refer sachar committee report to understand what is the situation in West Bengal, Assam, UP , bihar etc.

Unity among the muslims of Keral provided a platform for muslims to progress and though now the same muslim groups some time goes against the IUML they too understand the importance of existing a political party like IUML.

I wish we have strong IUML in all other states of India

Popular Front of India, the

Popular Front of India, the conglomerate of NDF in Kerala,MNP in Tamil Nadu and KFD in Karnataka is taking up the Muslim issues and fights for their dignity.The activities of this front are now felt all over India and its the right time for all the Muslim parties to join their hands and work for the welfare of the community.

PFI - an Extremist Caucus

The Popular Front of India is neither popular nor a front but an extremist caucus controlled by unwise and short-sighted persons.
Major constituent of this front is N.D.F. (National Development Front) which finds its relevance through controversies. The rest two organisations from Tamil Nadu and Karnataka are only letterheadIn Kerala the activities of N.D.F. are of negative nature. Lack of positive approach and aggressive and hatred-provoking attitude have gained for them a lot of adverse opinions. The Holy Qur'an repeatedly reminds us of our basic duty of propagation and encouragement of good values and deeds and eradication of evils. In all the contexts the Holy Qur'an has given top preference to propagation of good values. Eradication of evils comes later only. This means construction is first and foremost. It is only a fact that if we put on a light the darkness will vanish. Lamenting the harm of darkness or blaming somebody for it will not bring about any positive result.

Construction is the positive approach. Negative approaches only create misunderstandings, hatred and irritation. Provocations will not prove helpful in the way of preaching and propagation. Rather it will put obstacles in the way of preaching and propagation. The track record of N.D.F. in Kerala is only of provocations and subsequent harmful reactions. All the religious organisations (Sunnis, Salafis and others) have come out against N.D.F's provocative and problem-creating style of functioning.

reply to you Sadik

Brother Saidk,

I feel pitty sad about your mentality and I pray to Allah that Almighty bestow some sense of responsibility so that you dont blame the hardwork and scarifices of other Muslim Orgs. Lets Respect and pray to Allah for success of all sincere people.

Your Statement: The Popular Front of India is neither popular nor a front but an extremist caucus controlled by unwise and short-sighted persons.
Answer: Only time will prove your wrong claims.

Accepted, that the Popular Front has sprouted out of NDF and for your information by the grace of Allah(SWT) Popular Front is now well established in 8 states of India, with major structural presence in every district of 3 south Indian States.
A letterhead organization with lazy workers and cannot expand so fast, right ?

Your respect/claim to Holy Quran's reminders on doing Birr firts and eradicate evil later is really a proof of ignoring the real meaning and rejecting other orders of Allah in the form of Ayats.

That ayat which you are referring is do things simultaneously not on serial basis one after the other ( the connector in that ayat is Enjoy Maroof and forbid Munkar and beleive in Allah. As per you, we should do good first and eradicate evil next and believe in Allah atlast, So which stage are you in now)

If you consider that those ayats(which you are ignoring) are aggressive and create adverse affect on society, than your direct blame can be considered by me as a blame on Rasool(SAWS) and his Sahabaas(RA)who acted accordingly for the betterment of Muslims in Madina and post Fateh Mecca. They fought for equal status of Bilal(RA), they pledge to take revenge of Usman(RA)'s murder hoax while in Hudaibiya. Story of Tulaib(RA)Treatment of Kaab bin Ashraf, Badr, Uhad, Tabook, Hunain, etc...

Please donot do destructions to others while you have isolated yourself on not do constructive for others.

Rest of the debate can be done pesonally.
please contact me on

manu Khan

Brother Saidk, I feel pitty

Brother Saidk,

I feel pitty sad about your mentality and I pray to Allah that Almighty bestow some sense of responsibility so that you dont blame the hardwork and scarifices of other Muslim Orgs. Lets Respect and pray to Allah for success of all sincere people.

Your Statement: The Popular Front of India is neither popular nor a front but an extremist caucus controlled by unwise and short-sighted persons.
Answer: Only time will prove your wrong claims.

Accepated, that the Popular Front has sprouted out of NDF and for your information by the grace of Allah(SWT) Popular Front is now well established in 8 states of India, with major structural presence in every district of 3 south Indian States.

Your respect/claim to Holy Quran's reminders on doing Birr firts and eradicate evil later is really a proof of ignoring the real meaning and rejecting other orders of Allah in the form of Ayats.

That ayat which you are referring is do things simultaneously not on serial basis one after the other ( the connector in that ayat is Enjoy Maroof and forbid Munkar and beleive in Allah. As per you we should do good first and eradicate evil next and believe in Allah atlast, Sow which stage are you in now)

If you consider that those ayats(which you have ignored) are aggressive and create adverse affect on society than your direct blame is on Rasool(SAWS) and his Sahabaas(RA)who acted accordingly for the betterment of Muslims in Madina and post Fateh Mecca. They fought for equal status of Bilal(RA), they pledge to take revenge of Usman(RA)'s murder hoax while in Hudaibiya. Treatment of Kaab bin Ashraf, Badr, Uhad, Tabook, Hunain etc...

Please donot do destructions to others while you have isolated yourself on not do constructive for others.

Rest of the debate can be done pesonally.
please contact me on

popular front of india

populer front of india is no1 muslim organsation ,becouse pfi is working for total empowerment of indian muslims ie,educational,financial, political,religious,,,,,,,,masha allha

Communal politics and Islamic politics

As a reply to this post I may copy one of my own previous posts in this site on another occasion which mention about the activities of some of Indian Muslim organizations.
Two of Indian Muslim organizations are coming to the field of active politics .One is Kerala based NDF.Another is India's so called largest Islamic Movement, Jamaate Islami Hind.NDF is mainly active in Kerala.Outside Kerala they have got two letterhead organizations, one in Tamil Nadu and another in Karnataka.In kerala even after strong opposition from all of the Muslim organizations, NDF succeeded in getting the support of some youths.It was negative tactics which helped them to gain some support, the same tactics of previous emotional Muslims.They spread the fear and hatred and made the Muslim mind restless.They exploited the communal riots, Babri issue, and Gujarat issue.The emotion filled speeches attracted a lot of youths to the millitant RSS-like organization.Then it became common in Muslim dominated areas the murders between the gangs of CPIM and NDF and also between RSS and NDF.Clashes with other Muslim religious organizations and NDF was also common.Now NDF changed its name as Popular Front of India.I dont know much about their activities outside Kerala.But I know their methods are very successful in attracting the angry youths of Muslim community.If they impliment the same tactics outside Kerala, it will be a short term success, but a long term hazard to Muslim community.
The other organization which jumped into political field is Jamaate Islami.We know only a Jamaath which conducted seminars , published booklets and books.Most of the Jamaath workers are professionals and educated youths.Will it be easy for Jamaathe islami people to come to the ground realties of common people.In my knowledge Jamaath has got influence only in Andhra, Maharashtra and Kerala ,that also among educated ones.They may be having some presence in Karnataka , Tamil Nadu, Assam and in West Bengal.In Kerala only recently Jamaath tried to become a mass-based movement.To an extent, it was successful.The Solidarity youth movement of Jamaath won the support of leftist intellectuals and Dalits. .Environmental activists and sufferers of industrial progress also joined in hands with the Solidarity.But I dont think they will be successful in repeating the same in other states.As far as I know Jamaath has got only negligible support in UP and Bihar which are the most important states in Indian politics.
Those interested in an all India Muslim political party should derive lessons from political organizations like BSP, Muslim League of Kerala,AUDF of Assam and social movements like TMMK of Tamil Nadu and Solidarity of Kerala.

No point in vote.

When Muslim organizations are trying to get united , it is not good to conduct voting to know which organization is better.Such voting will bring about a competitive mood among them.And the mentioned organizations are working in different fields.For example Jamaate Islami consider all people of this nation as their constituency where as some religious organizations focus more in the Muslim community.Both types of activities are needed and are only complimentary and not opposite.If a productive unity is to be developed in Muslim community, national organizations like Jamaate islami hind , Jamiat Ulema Hind and regional organizations like Muslim League,AUDF,Majlis should unite.

My rediscovery of Jamaate Islami Hind

In my childhood itself ,I was associated with a regional Islamic organization with traditional ideology.In my high school years I was initiated to Jamaate Islami thruogh its students wing SIO.Then for some years I was a sympathiser of the Jamaath.Slowly I felt that Jamaath is doing nothing actively and it is only a mute spectator of the events of the country.I thought that participation in secular parties will solve the problems of Indian Muslims.Trying maximum not to compromise my Islamic life I started to associate with a leftist political party.But after many years I recognized that the religion in me was slowly getting melting down.Also I found out that secular parties are not a solution for the problems of Indian Muslims.Da'awah works to remove the misconception about Islam is only the solution.Recently I rediscovered the Indian Jamaate Islami.It is doing its maximum to spread the message of Islam to the people in a way which will not lead to intolerance.To empower the Indian Muslims and other oppressed groups both educationally and economically the JIH has launched the prestigious scheme called VISION 2016.And now the vibrant JIH has decided to launch a political party to empower Muslims and all other voiceless people.I request all of the readers to pray for the success of jamaath and to be a part of Jamaath.

Discover the Right, Shun the Madudi-sect

You have gone to Rediscovery when you have not discovered the thing in first place.
DISCOVER ORIGNAL ISLAM based on Qura'n Sahi-Ahadees. Don't be misled by Neem-Mullahs.

The Madudi Jamaat till the morning of QIYAMAT will never be able to establish a Islamic State in India. Forget of India not even in Pakistan, or any part of the Globe. People distracted from right path and attached to MUDUDI-sect of Tafhimul-Madudi, Khilafat-Malukiat, Rasael-Masail, Chor Istalahen and other Bogus Books. For Madudi followers Quran of Allah is not valid Holy Book, but only Tafhimul-Madudi is valid book which leds them to Hell. Madudi Chelas have a idol in their heart which they can never get rid of. They worship Madudi everyday committing shirk. Many people misled and attached to Madudi-sect but sooner or later kicked the Madudi-idol, Madudi-ideals and turned to original islam of Allah-o-Rasool based on Qura'n and Sahi-Ahadees. Its your turn. Hell to Madudi, Hell to Madudi Chelas. ask for more :

This type of extremist

This type of extremist views,sectarian thoughts and unislamic language are the reasons for the present situation of Muslims throughout the world.Dear best guide, first think about the pre requesits needed to become a guide.Then look into your own heart and think what is really leading you.Whether it is Islam or your emotions?.Pray to Allah before uttering any word.

Dear; we can realize your

we can realize your emotion against Sheikh Maudoodi and Jamaate Islami (you are RSS member or Muslim League member, as we can understand from your emotion and words). Maudoodi is first Faisal Award winner (among all over the world) and he was accepted 90% of world Ulamas while he is living. His books Like Islam & Al Jihadu fil Islam is teaching in all Popular Islamic Universities like Madinah University, Al Azhar University.... please ask forgiveness to Almighty God if you are Muslim

Jamat-e-islami is a good

Jamat-e-islami is a good organisation. It is successful in educating Islamic values to Indians. Especially creating awareness of Fascist among Indians in last century. But as an action, it did noting much. Jamaat should remember one more thing – it should not miss “any chance” of Muslim unity!!!

Best Indian Muslim organization

Your pole shows the vote distribution as (21/1/2009):
All India Muslim Majlis-e-Mushwarat 3%,
All India Milli Council 2%,
All India Muslim Personal Law board 16%
Jamaat-e-Islami Hind 44%
Jamiat Ulma-i-Hind 11%
Other 24 %
It is really strange to see that 24% (next to Jamaat-e-Islami Hind) people support others. Is it because of the reputations of the low scoring organization (2% and 3%)or else?


This very question is anachronistic in a plural society like India which was ruled once by minorities like Mughals who trace their lineage to Afghan invaders and British christians.
Today why not Muslims in India look at any political party ; struggle with other poor of our nation, study, get a job or fight for equal rights instead of SPECIAL RIGHTS.
madani of PFI, Owaisi of MIM, Shahabuddin of Muslim India and ofcourse Jamaat-i-islami of maulana maudoodi. Bukhari of delhi
All the above guys get funds from Saudi arabia and so espouse a cause like that of MUSLIM UMMA.
Just one has to go to SWAT in Pakistan to see what these guys have achieved or Gaza of Hamas.
There is nothing like India or comparable to our Constitution. Look for INCLUSION NOT EXCLUSION as MUSLIMS.Please donot radicalise Hindus which suits the Imperialists.

The problem with Jamaate Islami

If you observe Jamaate-Islami, especially in Kerala where I am a native, it is not hard to see that it has relegated to the status of a pimp of the communist party. Its political support has been exclusively earmarked for the CPM in the recent elections and I can quote at least an instance or two where they have managed to defeat Muslim candidates in favour of communists - the latest being the Thiruvambadi Assembly constituency by-election conducted in 2006. Its mouthpiece “Madhyamam” which is the largest circulated daily in the Muslim community is under the total control of communists as is evident from its content, and is currently engaged in a crusade against the Congress and the Muslim League. However it is to be remembered that they had managed to gain circulation in the name of Islam, and not communism. If they had true conviction in their own ideology Madhyamam should have talked communism, and not Islam, from the beginning.

Not surprisingly the militant CPM party secretary Pinarayi Vijayan, who was formerly a bitter adversary of Jamaat mistaking it to be a Muslim fundamentalist organization, has stopped calling Jamaat an extremist organization, and even former naxals are dignitaries in Jamaat conventions. The communist party of today has wisely recognized that religion can indeed be used as opium, as Marx said, and they find Jamaat an effective tool for that. This is something about which we should be really on guard.

What we truly need is an organizational set up which
1) Represents the common interests of the community.
2) Has the potential to win the common favor of the community
3) Do not have a fundamentalist or extremist outlook.
4) Can deliver the community goals
5) Is truly Islamic in spirit, even without quoting too much Quran verses in public.
6) Has only reasonable and legitimate objectives, rather than outlandish and impracticable ones like “Islamic rule”.

It is not hard to see that Jamaate Islami doesn’t fit into any of these criteria, and there are too many things difficult to justify in their ideology. The need of the hour is a mobilization of the religious minded educated class, who alone can fill this gap. In the absence of a characteristic identity the educated class have been scattered in atheistic and communist parties, militant organizations like NDF, and leftist organizations like Jamaate Islami all of which have hugely benefitted through them, while never giving the credit due to them. My suggestion is that the educated class should free themselves from the affiliation to dubious organizations like these, discover their own identity and join hands to contribute creatively for Islam and the community.

Dear Brother; Asslamu

Dear Brother;
Asslamu Alikkum.....
Sorry to say that, your comments uar un uthenticated and unsolicited. you are talking like the man in old generation who were doing shirk and worshipping to shaikh's Khabar. Please dont try to convince the Poeple Muslim league is the best. I was Muslim League Activists and after understand the Political situation well and read more.... i find that Jamaa ate Islami is the best.
I am Faisy graduate from Pattikkadu Jamia Nooriya in 1997, i Know very well about EK-sunny and Muslim Legue. So please don't post this type of spontaneous comments.
Hameed Faisy

Jamaate Islami and Plural society.

Karoly himself may know his allegations against JIH is wrong.JIH is working for establishment of divine values in personal, social and political life of human beings.Their methods are very palatable to the plural society.Only some people inside the community are against them due to the mingling of JIH with people of other faiths.JIH is neither too modern or too rigid .

IUML : A Model Party for Indian Muslims

Inidan Union Muslim League is the political party for the Muslims of India. It has 60 years of existence. It has ruled Kerala and it has ministers in West Bengal and Maharashtra. The Kerala Muslims economic, educational, cultural progress is only due to the activism of Indian Union Muslim League.

Its base is Islam, the true Islam, described by Prophet Muhammed. When most of the Muslim organization is partial and with dividing mentality based on Maududi, Wahab and other scholors, IUML prestigiously stand for Islam.

Communal Harmony, Co-existence, Love among different sects and religions, IUML is a real jewel in the Indian Secularism.

Where there is Indian Union Muslim League, there exists religious harmony. When Babari Masjid demolished in Ayodhya, IUML guarded Hindu temples in Kerala. At the same time in Kerala Assembly unitedly demanded re-construction of the demolished masjid. Only a Great Islamic mind can do this action.

Those who keep Islamic spirit in heart are the Muslim Leaguers. Long Live Indian Unian Muslim League.

Abdul Kareem

"It has ruled Kerala

"It has ruled Kerala "

brother...when this thing happened...??? in kerala only two groups were came in ruling... that is LEFT and RIGHT....

Naz Sab- Muhd Koya of IUML was CM of Kerala

Naz Sab- Muhd Koya of IUML was CM of Kerala and so IUML has ruled Kerala as it is the CM who appoints ministers. The LDF/ UDF combination came later. But the Muslims of Kerala are educated and has an egalitarian society unlike Muslims of other part of India and even Hindus proudly support many Muslim political leaders. We must acquire education and aspire to be like the Muslims of Kerala.

C H mohammed Koya sahib was

C H mohammed Koya sahib was CM of Kerala only for 2months and 20 days.All other major communities of kerala, Christian, Ezhava,And Nair got the opportunity to be CM for many years.Political leadership means really the representation of particular community.This is a failure of Kerla Muslims.

May be due to Muslims formed

May be due to Muslims formed their own communal party called Muslim League instead of joining in secular parties.


Muslim League was cuccessful, initially ,in getting the support of both salafis and orthodox sunnis.Muslim League could become a partner of either LDF or UDF in every elections.Muslim League was able to represent Muslim community in mainstream politics.Schools, Colleges, Roads, industries are better in Muslim dominated areas of Kerala when comparing with similar areas in other states.But when comparing with non Muslim dominated areas of Kerala, the condition is not at all better.It is Muslims in Gulf- nations who are the one of the major factor in development of Kerala. But Muslims have not got the deserved share of development.The share they already have is not only due to Muslim League.Muslims have got a major say due to their percentage in population,25%.And the Muslim families were rich even before independence due to their skill in business.(Malappuram , the Muslim majority district was an exception.)Then , the Muslim renaissance movements like Islahi movement also has a role.
Now, Muslim League is slowly getting destroyed due to lack of internal democracy.The statements of some leaders of Muslim League against other Muslim leaders like Abdunnaser madani ,reminds us the Fatah party of Palastine.The moral failure of many of Muslim League leaders both in private life and in public life has done much destruction to the image of Muslims of Kerala.And there is no any say for the poor Muslims in internal things of Muslim League.Many influential Muslim leaders like ,Kanathapuram Abubakker Musliar(orthodox sunni) and Hussain Madavur(salafi) are now publicly came against Muslim League.Muslim youths are getting attracted to CPIM and Congress-I due to intellectual failure of Muslim League.
But still there is a strong space for Muslim League.If the Muslim community is wise enough they can beautifully make use of difference of opinion in Kerala politics.While standing on different platforms, they can unite for the common causes . And at the same time they can compete for the space in a very mature and democratic way.The Christian community of Kerala has given a model.Even if they are in different platforms , ie ,LDF and UDF they will unite for common causes.They never will allege their opponent in another Christian party as terrorist or anti national.(different groups of Kerala Congress and even the Indian National congress of Kerala are mainly for christian interests).But Muslim League does the opposite.They allege Muslims of other parties like Madani are extremists and even leftists are pro terrorists as they help Muslim parties.
I may predict the future status of Kerala Muslim politics.The possible share may be like this.
Indian Union Muslim League 30%
Jamaate Islami-PDP-INL-Dalit-Human right activists-environmentalists alliance 20%(this percentage is inside Muslim community, they may get good support outside the community)
CPIM 15%
Indian National Congress 10%
The remaining population will be floating.
Insha allah this split will not negatively affect the community.It will give a say for Muslims in every possible alliances.


The noble Islamic movement of India The Jamaate Islami Hind has no any role in the negative and shallow type of discussions going on in this forum.Jamaath's aim is to liberate all humanbeings from every kind of slavery.For this Jamaath preaches the necessity of submission of all aspects of human life to the will of Allah.Jamaath prepares human beings to win the here and hereafter through Islam.
The proposed political party of Jamaate Islami is only one of the different activities of Jamaath.Through a political party Jamaath wants to do some good things in the social and political life of Indians.It will not focuss on the interests of any particular community.Its interest is on all of the human beings regardless of caste and creed.Insha Allah, it will be a gift for all Indians who love peace and justice.
In one of the above posts, one gentleman is trying to predict the future alliances and even the share of people of Jamaath's political party.I am sorry for compelled to say such predictions are nonsense.The same pediction tells that CPI(M) will get the support of 15% of Kerala Muslims.I can proudly tell for Kerala Muslims that they will never get attracted to the communist party in such large numbers.
The relation between Jamaate Islami and Muslim League is very good in Kerala.Both leaders and workers of two organizations are in good relation.Jamaath has strong difference of opinion with some organizations who use violene as a way .But Jamaath usually donot lead public campaigns alleging someone else is extremist.Jamaath's way of correction is creative.
In one of posts, one brother tried to read communal interests in one secular political party and also in Jamaate Islami.Seeing everything in communal lines is dangerous for the secular fabric of India.

This Survey is Meaningless

The question itslef is a baseless question. I thought this twocircle net is working for the unification of Muslim Ummath regardless of party/organization feuds. Now, it seems this platform also working for the split among community by asking this type of meaningless questions.

Even a child agree that followers of each organization will agree his organization is doing best, that's why he is working for that party/organization. In reality most of the Muslim organizations are not working same field. Each one working with seperate priorities. Some are focusing Dawa, some are focusing political empowerment, some are working eradicating social evils, etc. Ultimately all are working and supporting the welfare of Muslim as a whole and the work should be that way only. In such an atmosphere this question itself is meaningless. Instead of working for the supremacy of one organization media like twocircle net should work for unification of organization/parties at a maximum possible level. But this survey itslef given chances for members of each organization to throw mud each other. While the entire Ummah is going on in to serious issues, members are finding time to fight each other claiming ours is the best one. What a pathetic situation!

Secondly, majority of community members are not part of any organization directly. They support case by case and they do not consider someone is better than another one. Even they do not participate or entertain such surveys. Because most of the organization/party leadership try to widen gap between organization for their selfish motives. None of them is free from this phenomena. This is the reality. So, please understand the ground reality and do something for the benefit of entire community and nation.

Its not time to marks through poll of %, its time to churn self

Well, its a western idea to give the poll % and then marks to any organistion,its one of the western technique through which muslim are divided in many domain,it should not given marks to a particular organisation. In every front all organisation is working nicely and we must appreciate them but unfortunately due to lack of one platform its not working as our other national brothers's oganisation is working. We must be unite to pressure our system to push forward muslim in top post through which we can be sustained. See after 61 to 61 years we can not represent in following area like Prime Minister, Foreign Minister, Defence minister, Law minister, Chief of RAW, Chief of DRDO, Chief of AIIMS, Chief of CID and IB, and many more post like Advisor of PM, so this thing which can gain only through education or higher education not to throw stone to others. Now world is changing people did not like those who always throw mud on others. So its time to do collectively for UMMAH and for a strong nation BHARAT where every one can get easy education, job and people serving leadership.

with regard....

Join in secular parties.

If indian Muslims want peaceful living they should join in secular political parties like Congress,BSP,RJD,SJP,CPI,CPIM.Parties like jamaatislami will not solve their problems.



JIH a ideological islamic movement

Assalamu Alaikum...

I know very little about Jamaat-islami hind. I am not a member of JIH.Even though as my view, it is a very good ideological islamic movement. There are other certain organisation doing good to the muslim community and islamic development. But these are all fast short running organisations. JIH is a normal long running movement. As there are lot of islamic organisations disapperead now because of lack of ideology and planning. JIH is a well structured and planned movement. I have read few JI founder Mowdudi books it was execellent and shows his great knowledge.JIH is not a political organisation, it is an islamic movement, it always move forward to establish Allah's Deen in the country. As i know lot of good educationist, scholors, professionalist, Ulama are associated with JIH. Only islamic organisation have a good theory and practical guidance for establishing Islamic banks in india and it is working on this too. Lakhs of students are associated with its students wing SIO (students islamic organisation of india)

dear brother and friend in

dear brother and friend in Islam
hope u r fine by the gracr of Allah.
If u have realized that jih and sio is making efforts for deen in theproper way, then u should come forward to strengthen this movement with heart and sole.

Surveys are good.

I welcome this kind of surveys.It will help the organizations to improve themselves.I may add some points.
1.There is no justification in not including Jamiat Ahlehadith,Tablighi Jamaath,MuslimLeague,MIM,AUDF.You could have even included TMMK,and Zakir Naik'sIRF.
2.The situation of our community is very pathetic.So i suggest every educated Muslim should be a member of some organization to empower Indian Muslims.Religious,political,social or any type of organization.Or NGOs.Unity of Ummah without organization is not practical.Such thinking is an utopia.The cooperation between different organizations is only possible.Educated Muslims should work to make their organization more tolerant, democratic and mature.They should prevent their organization becoming against other organization.
3.In this survey even the most voted organization got only 45%.That means they have to improve a lot.
4.Muslims are becoming more and more aware of the importance of becoming politically active.Organizations such as JIH,TMMK,AUDF,PFIand Muslim organizations of Maharashtra are trying to become active in party politics.Surveys can be conducted to know the opinions regarding this trend.

Different concepts

By reading the posts of many, I understood that different followers of one organization has got different concepts about their own organization.

Democracy Indonesia way- Indian Muslims must try it

Indonesia: “…it is forbidden for Muslims to vote for a non-Muslim.” - Fatwa

Foolish and dangerous.

Some crazy and fanatic mullah might have given such a fatwa.That mufti may even be an agent of the enemies of Islam .He might have given such a fatwa to defame the name of Islam.Such an advice to Indian Muslims is foolish and dangerous.

Where is Jamaate Islami?.

Even small organizations in the Muslim community are forming political parties.But the organisation with the strongest and widest network,JIH, is not coming to the field.They have declared that they will announce the name and other details of their political party in January.Till now there is no any move.I am an outsider to the Jamaat, and know about them only through media.But I am interested in them and I was keenly looking for their party which was declared to be a platform led by Muslims but include everyone.I request someone with contact with JIH will give me a reply.

jih politics

Dear brother
Hope u r fine by the grace of Allah.
I want to discusabout this issue.

I wonder why.....

I wonder why religious organizations like jamiat ulema and jamat islami are interested in politics.

No need to wonder. It is Islam.

No need to wonder.Jamiat Ulema and Jamaate Islami may have recognized that it is every Muslim's duty to stand for justice and peace.Listen the following verses of holy Qur- an.

"Ye are the best of people,evolved for mankind,enjoining what is right,forbidding what is wrong,and believing in Allah" Al-Imran 110

O Believers, be you the standard-bearers of justice and witnesses for the sake of Allah, even though your justice and your evidence might be harmful to yourselves, or to your parents, or to your relatives. It does not matter whether the party concerned is rich or poor: Allah is their greater well-wisher than you; therefore, do not follow your own desire lest you should deviate from doing justice. If you distort your evidence or refrain from the truth, know it well that Allah is fully aware of what you do.
(Quran 4 :135)

Keep in mind the blessing Allah has bestowed upon you and do not forget the solemn covenant which He made with you (and which you confirmed), when you said, "We have heard and submitted," Fear Allah for Allah knows the very secrets of the hearts. O Believers, be steadfast in righteousness and just in giving witnesses for the sake of Allah; the enmity of any people should not so provoke you as to turn you away from justice. Do justice for it is akin to piety. Fear Allah (in your affairs): indeed He is fully aware of what you do.( Quran 5:7-8)

Your craze for more and more and mutual rivalry for worldly gains has made you heedless, until you reach the graves. By no means! Soon you shall know! Again (note it well) by no means! Soon you shall know. Nay! Had you known with certainty of knowledge (the end of this way of life you would never have acted thus). You shall certainly see Hell. Again (note it well that) you shall most certainly see it. Then, on that Day, you shall certainly be called to account for the blessings and comforts of life.(Quran 102:1-8)

Doomed (to ruin) is every such person who slanders others (in their face) and backbites them habitually, who gathers wealth and counts it over and over again. He thinks that his wealth will remain with him for ever. Nay. never! He will be cast into the crushing place And what do you know what the crushing place is? It is the Fire of Allah, kindled brightly, which shall rise up to the hearts. It will be covered down on them (in a way that ) they shall be (enclosed) by tall columns
(Quran 104:1-9)

As for man, whenever his Lord tries him and honors and blesses him, he says, "My Lord has honored me." But when He tests him and restricts his provisions for him,. he says, "My Lord has disgraced me." Indeed not! But you do not treat the orphan with respect, and you do not urge one another to feed the poor, and you devour the whole inheritance greedily, and you love the wealth with all yow hearts. Indeed not! When the earth is incessantly pounded to become a sand-desert. and your Lord comes while the angels shall be standing in ranks, and Hell on that Day is brought within sight, on that Day shall man understand, but what will understanding avail him then? He will say, "Would that I had provided in advance for this life of mine!" Then none can punish as Allah shall punish on that Day, and none can bind as Allah shall bind.(Quran 89:15-26)

Have you seen him who belies the rewards and punishments of the Hereafter? He it is who drives away the orphan and does not urge giving away the food of the poor. Then woe to the praying ones, who are careless of their Prayer, who do good to be seen, and withhold small kindnesses (from the people).(Quran 107: 1-7)

Yet he has not attempted the steep pass. And what do you know what the steep pass is? It is the freeing of a neck from bondage, or the feeding in a day of hunger of a nearly related orphan, or a poor man lying in the dust (Quran 90:11-16)

Zakir Naik and IRF.

We should encourage Dawah organizations like IRF of Zakir Naik.Only through dawah Muslims can be safe in this world and also in tomorrow"s world.

promote N G Os

we have enough religious organisations.
we have many political party. our political party will not get much votes because we are minority here.
we lack good NGOs to work for social and educational upliftment.
so we should promote NGOs.
large organisations like jamaat islami should focus on social and educational work.their religious works will not get the support of other riligious sects.their political work will not be a success because they will not get hindu votes.their expectation in hindu vote is foolishness.but their social and educational work will get support of every people.



Jamaate islami/popular front

For more than fifty years JIH is working for islamic politics.But till today it is unable to form a political party based on Islamic values.JIH is ahead of any organization in India, be political, social, or religious in giving lectures or writings about value based politics,Muslim empowerment,Dalit liberation, human rights activism,environmental activism, eradication of poverty etc. But still it is not able to put forward a working movement.The young generation is not satisfied with theory only. We want practical applications.If jamaat continues to be a failure , the young generation may have to seek alternatives.In such situations they think of bodies like Popular Front of India even though their mode of action is controversial.JIH is still the best organization.But its leadership should be ready to come to the ground.

BJP is the solution

For solutions of problems of India, BJP is the reply.Muslim fundamentalist organisations like Muslim league and jamat islami will split India agin.



Try living in India as 'At Home' else goback O! whatever ur name

The suggestion by you shows your mentality. It is only TCN which allows your barks being carried. If you find lost and not at home in this proud country, do like what your ideological masters, the zionist did. You claim to have all the money and brains like them, try making a country of your own and try living there peacefully. Go back O supermacists, the decendant of Hitler, to the Aryan Land. We have been living here with dignity despite the brotherly difference we have had, we do not need you. Let me educate if you are educatable, that Jaswant Singh was not expelled because he called Muslim League secular but your mentality about people who are following some other religion or a lower castes. The people of Pakistan whom you call civlised and secular are the only Muslim Leage while the majority are religious. Now, tell us what you stand for? We know for nothing by self, self and self.

even my parents(both my mom

even my parents(both my mom n dad)are the rukn of jih but as a youngster in a country like india , i dont think they do much for the youngster as the tablighee jamat is doing,but i m satisfied with their concept

Why muslim organisation not against terrorosm?

Why no Muslim organization come publicly against terrorism?