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Your website

Mashallah you are doing a great service. A pioneering effort. Well done and keep it up.

Great Work

Mashallah you ppl are doing great work. I would request all muslims to be responsible.
Heartiest congratulation to the entire team of TwoCircle.

great going

today another muslim, a civil engineer working with L&T in mumbai, has proudly joined the two circles network.
you guys are doing a real wonderful job and now i am also a part of it.
mohammad haider talat

I request you to publish

I request you to publish some news and opinions concerning the plight of non-muslims in Pakistan, especially in the light of some sikhs having been forced to pay the Jiziya to their muslim rulers - a practice that was even followed by the great Indian mughal emperor Aurangazeb.


I fail to see what was so great about Aurangzeb? He enforced his rule on people, killed his brothers, imprisoned his father, discriminated against other religions...Does that ring a bell? He was not even a patron of arts?


Yes and this is was many great men did in the past in order to establish the greatness of their country. Now with the internet, it is harder to do all that today, is it not?pokersavvy plus review

Aurangzeb was the greatest Mughal ruler

Aurangzeb was the greatest Mughal ruler. Aurangazeb ruled for 49 years from 1658 in such a way that when he died in 1707 the Mughal Empire crumpled- the Mughal dynasty which ruled India for about 181 years from 1526-1707 was totally annihilated by 1725 in a matter of just 18 years after death of "OUR LOVING AURANGI". The Marattas and Sikhs promptly took central stage and captured India from Attock at the foothills of Afghanistan to Allahabad and down south till Madurai and controlled it for more than 80 years.

Had Dara Sikhon replaced Shahjahan he would retained the friendly relationship with Hindu kings unlike Aurangi and the Mughal dynasty would have gone from strength to strength- why even today it could have been an Islamic Republic of India with a Mughal sultan as the king of India!!! So Aurangi was the best ruler who made it possible for India to regain it's Hindu identity.

Aurangzeb was the idiot king among all great mughals

Dear anonymous, Aunrangzeb was not great as his fellow mughal he is fanatic and he made bad relation with his hindu and sikh fued and also destroy many temples, he was only fool king and a abuse at the name of hindu muslim integrety. And also he does not follow the great akbar rule that if mughal make a long and strength empire in india the they must make a good relation with their natives like Rajputana, Sikh, and maratha he always fight with their neighbors and there are no any progress during his rule result of his foolish activity india become weak and another foreigner who look for a chance to uproot throw mughal and indian from india and a round began of looting and murder in india and started by Nadir shah and after there ahmed shad abdali and in last india suffering about two and half century in Slavery.

aurangzeb and shivaji

Aurangzeb unlike his brothers and forefathers was a true Muslim.He tried his best to implement Islam in his EMPIRE WHICH CONSISTED OF INDIA,PAKISTAN,BANGLADESH,BURMA AFGHANISTAN,NEPAL,AND SOME PARTS OF CHINA.Ask any of rss students they will approve it.ask them meaning of akhand bharat.
For you to consider his greatness I would like to inform you that after Shivajis death Aurangzeb kept shivajis family& children as royal prisnores and didnot commit any atrocity on them for 20 long years.Thats why muslims call Aurangzeb rahmatullahalaih.

Imperalism the greatest enemy of Islam and Muslim

Imperialism has never benefited Islam and Muslims, imperialist have always harmed Islam. The Mugals must have done great work for India but did very little for Islam. They in fact waged unnecessary wars against Muslim rulers, killed and uprooted them and appointed Hindus as governers in their place who later on anointed themselves as Maharajas. Hundreds of decent, good fearing Muslims Nawabs were de-throned and their Kingdoms were annexed by the Mugals in Rajputana, Gujarat, Central India, etc.

Aurangzeb and Shivaji

Is this the same Aurangzeb, who imprisoned his father, killed his brothers and the same Aurangzeb who had Guru Tegh Bahadur Singh killed?

He also promised Shivaji and his son safety through Raja Jai Singh, but then put them under house arrest. Why Shivaji believed him is beyond me, because the Mughals had a history of deceit and betrayal in their bloodline.

The only half way decent Mughal Emperor was Akbar, but then look at what he sired!!!

I do admit that the Mughals had some beautiful buildings/forts/Mosques built, but then India already had great architectural buildings/temples dating back centuries before the arrival of Babar.

Sher Shah Suri, a non Mughal left India its greatest legacy, the G.T. Road.


Whats great about Aurengazeb?
Just study about him in micro history. Go thru about him. U will find him nobler than Asoka. Asoka killed his brothers, and pregnant of his eldest brother by his own hand just to grab the monarchy. But Aurengazeb's brothers were tried by royal court for their involvement in antinational activities, excesses, wrong doings and corruptions. He house arrested his father only to save the country from into wrong hand. He made the country Akhand Bharath no one the whole history did so, and ruled almost half a century a pious rule. He didnt get any thing for him from his treasury. He earn by writing Al Qur'an and knitting caps, not unlike our present MPs MLAs !

Very well said!!

Very well said!!

Alas! name could have been atleast copies and pasted

Submitted by Aminur Rahman ibn Elyas, Ambur (not verified) on 4 October 2009 - 10:05pm.

Whats great about Aurengazeb?

It could have been better had you atleast bothered to write the name of emperor correctly. Why people are insist to write worng things, even if there are established things. This is not going to take your anywhere. May be your regionalism is in league with Bal Thakre. Thakre is the real word my dear.

Reality of Jiyza.

I just want to put some light on the reality of Jiyza. i just doesnt wanted to go into the conterversy of some sikhs in pakistan. i just want to bring the facts regarding the Jaziya. i hope it will clear a lot of misconception about Jaziya.

One of the problems raised by the missionaries and orientalists is the imposition of tribute or jizyah on all non-Muslims. This institution has been so misinterpreted that the non-Muslims feel that it is some kind of religious-based discrimination against them. This is not the case. All the jizyah amounts are to be a financial obligation placed upon those who do not have to pay the zakah.
It is obvious that the jizyah is simply a technique used by Islamic governments to make sure that everyone pays a fair share. If the term jizyah is too offensive to non-Muslims, it can always be changed: `Umar ibn Al-Khattab levied the jizyah upon the Christians of Bani Taghlib and called it sadaqah (alms) out of consideration for their feelings.
The noted historian Sir Thomas W. Arnold, in his Call to Islam, states
This tax was not imposed on the Christians, as some would have us think, as a penalty for their refusal to accept the Muslim faith. Rather, it was paid by them in common with the other dhimmis or non-Muslim subjects of the state whose religion precluded them from serving in the army, in return for the protection secured for them by the arms of the Muslims. When the people of Hirah contributed the sum agreed upon, they expressly mentioned that they paid this jizyah on condition that 'the Muslims and their leader protect us from those who would oppress us, whether they are Muslims or others.'
In his covenant with the people of certain cities near Al-Haira, Khalid ibn Al-Walid recorded "If we are able to protect you, we deserve the collection of jizyah."
The seriousness with which the Muslims took their covenants with the non-Muslims is well illustrated by the following incident. During the reign of the second caliph, `Umar Ibn Al-Khattab, the Roman emperor Heraclius raised a huge army to repel the Muslim forces. It was thus incumbent upon the Muslims to concentrate their efforts on the battle. When the commander of Muslims, Abu `Ubaydah heard this news, he wrote to his officials in all conquered cities in Syria and ordered them to return the jizyah which had been levied in those cities. He also addressed the public saying, "We are returning your money because we know that the enemy has gathered troops. By the terms stipulated in the covenant, you have obliged us to protect you. However, since we are now unable to fulfill these conditions, we have returned to you what you paid to us. We shall abide by the terms agreed upon in the covenant, if Allah helps us to rout the enemy."
Thus, a huge amount was taken from the state treasury and returned to the Christians, making them very happy. They prayed for and blessed the Muslim commanders. They exclaimed, "May Allah help you to overcome your enemies and return you to us safely. If the enemy were in your place, they would never have returned anything to us, but rather they would have taken all our remaining property."
The jizyah was also imposed on Muslim men who could afford to buy their way out of military service. If a Christian group elected to serve in the state's military forces, it was exempted from the jizyah. Historical examples of this abound. The Jarajima, a Christian tribe living near Antioch (now in Turkey), by undertaking to support Muslims and to fight on the battle front, did not have to pay the jizyah and were entitled to a share of the captured booty.
When the Islamic conquests reached northern Persia in AH 22, a similar covenant was established with a tribe living on the boundaries of those territories. They were consequently exempted from jizyah in view of their military services.
Other examples are to be found during the history of the Ottoman Empire. The Migaris, a group of Albanian Christians, were exempted from the jizyah for undertaking to watch and guard the mountain ranges of Cithaeron and Geraned (which stretch to the Gulf of Corinth). Christians who served as the vanguard of the Turkish army for road repairs, bridge construction, and so on, were exempted form the kharaj (land tax). As a reward, they were also provided with some lands, free of all taxes.
The Christians of Hydra were exempted when they agreed to supply a group of 250 strong men for the Muslim naval fleet. The Armatolis, Christians from southern Romania, were also exempted from the tax, for they constituted a vital element in the Turkish armed forces during the 16th and 17th centuries. The Mirdites, an Albanian Catholic clan who lived in the mountains of northern Scutari, were exempted on the condition that they would offer an armored battalion in wartime. The jizyah was also not imposed on the Greek Christians who had supervised the building of viaducts that carried water to Constantinople, nor on those who guarded the ammunition in that city, as just compensation for their services to the state. However, Egyptian Muslim peasants exempted from military service were still required to pay the jizyah.

Another way of putting taxes

First question is why discriminate against the Dhimmis? The Muslims would be in uproar if India said that no Muslim would be eligible to participate in the Military and would instead have to pay a 'protection tax' to the Government. This theory even if true is utter nonsense and is discriminatory. But I hear all the Muslims saying that Islam is not a religion of discrimination. Which is true?


All the indian texts mention about Jiziya of Non-Muslims, but none mention about the Zakat of Muslims. Which is a tax collected on the basis of Islamic Sharia by the Islamic Rulers.

Jiziya is a small tax for the protection to the Non Muslims provided by a Muslim Ruler and the same Muslim Ruler is responsible for collecting Zakat from Muslims. Apart from this Muslims must take part the battles whereas the Non Muslims are exempted from this.

insult of islam by a recent novel published from jalandhar

sir recently one novel"SAWAAL" has been written by an army officer LT COL Ravindra singh and published by DEEPAK PUBLISHERS, MAI HIRAN GATE,JALANDHAR(PUNJAB).On page 97 there is a story"MERE ISHWAR" in which one character makes idol of PEGAMBAR MOHAMMAD SAHIB.in my view it is contrary to islam. plz oppose it through your resources.

I am an Indian first !

I am an Indian first !



I am a Dravidan, Indian Muslim

By Race I am Dravidan
By Nationality I am an Indian
By Religion I am a Muslim

Complaint against a UMRAH Travel Agent Doing illegal activies an

As salam aly kum ,
Respected Sir,
Subject: Complaint against a UMRAH Travel Agent Doing illegal activies and causing suffering to umrah going people.
Respected sir,
A travel agent name AL AQSA TOURS TRAVEL city Aurangabad Maharastra state India registration no:69/16776/2003 Owner Md Waseem s/o Abdul Qader is doing unlawful activity and causing lot of Trouble to umrah pilgrims who are poor and old age and uneducated ( causing troublefrom start of journey from there city to saudia Arabia and till return to there city ).
List of activity that cause lot of problems to umrah people.
He did not give Anti vaccination of Meningiites to umrah people and attach fake medical report .
1)Doing forgery of documents and adding unkown womens as close relative and sending them on umrah visa and hence do trafficing of womens by illegal way into saudia arabia ,
this is done by giving bribe to saudia consulate people of Mumbai saudia consulate and delhi saudia consulate who did not verify documents of unknow women who are shown as relative to unknow mens , this is done by travel agent who fill umrah visa form by himself and does not give umrah form to pilgrims in this way womens are send to Saudi by forging of documents.
2)Not giving food during umrah in saudai Arabia as per his promise.
3)Taking extra money in saudia Arabia and breaking promise done before umrah verbal aggrement..
4)Keeping unlawful men in womens room during umrah in saudai Arabia and if objection is taken he threaten umrah pilgrims of dire conquences.
5)Putting many people in single room , forcing to sleep in dirty place unhygenic..
6)During umrah during riyal to ruppes converstion pay very less and cause problem to umrah people.

7)Collects money from many people on pretex them to send them to umrah and cheat them and utilize there money for months.and did not send people he collect more money example from 100 people and send 50 people and rest of money he utilse in propery dealing and did not return it to people and threaten people by his goons of dire conquence if any body approach to police he return amount in broken installement and cause lot of problems to poor uneducated people.
This Travel agent is exploting poor umrah travelers and risking there life.
It is requested to stop harassment of this poor umrah people who take very bad memory of umrah journey after getting exploting through such travel agents,
It is requeted to not to allowe such person who causes lot of problems to old poor people who are guest of ALLAH .
ALLAH will reward those who are helpers of poorer and needy , and who support the truth, and support right things and forbid wrong.
saber shah

plz do some thing to stop exploitation of poor people by such agents. plz forward this to saudia embassy or hajj ministry or any department of saudai to take action

Thanks for sharing this

Thanks for sharing this information. I found it very informative as I have been researching a lot lately on practical matters such as you talk about.

Thanks for your great jobs.

Thanks for your great jobs.

Your site

I entered the site to read India Police atrocities in Manipur news assuming this to be a human right site but later discovered it is a Muslim site. I will never like to see such sites again as I love humanity instead of classification based on religion.


yes you r right humanit instead of hatredness and clasification based on reliogen
fist of all learn quran it sayes in somany time
yaa ayyuhalldina amaanuu
that means o human kind let you decide wich one is human kind (hamanity)

Urdu Fiction & Poetry Translated into English

Can you pls advise any site(s) where I may dig in to get the subject cited information.
Ashok Kashyap

Urdu Poetry by Sh.Shakil Badayuni.

Kindly tell me where above mentioned literature may be got?

comments visibility/open period

Can you list last 50 comments or so instead of the last 10 ? Especially since your update cycle seems to be slow.
Also, you may want to keep certain important subjects - like educational issues, how community acn improve etc for a longer term so many ideas are obtained; hopefully some of them can be implemented..

Quran Translations&sayings of Prophet(saas) on TCN.

TCN Please provide a permanent link to downloadable Quran translations in all the indian languages.Also allow space for sayings of Prophet Muhammed(saas).

Be a national daily news paper

Dear management of TowCirles.

You can feel that more and more people are visiting your sites and they like to post some comments over any event

I like to express my desire that you should start a daily news paper in English.

I know, it's not easy and not viable per say, but if you put your courage togather, you can make it.

Be honest, don't target any one, just simply put news and let people express their view.

Now people want some alternate of TOI, HT like newspapers.



We are all same

To the website editor team,
It looks like the team is well educated, these type of websites doesnt suit the educated and sensible people. Please realise all religions are political they are not spirutual. For example, islam says to kill the person who leaves the religion, dont you see its purely political?, god never says to fellow humans, if god has power to create us he was power to kill us too.
I am giving islam as example as you are more familier with it, similar type of teaching exists in other religions too. Please understand religions are human made and political they are not word of god !!
If you are promoting religion you are promoting political racism.
Please work for better future, by briging people in light of knowledge, not inculcating bifurcation. Please think over.

Jai hind !!

Indeed we are same

Dear fellow Indian,
I appreciate your sentiments that we are all same, and we indeed are - in fact, Islam does not permit discrimination at all on the basis of colour, caste, wealth, and even gender, etc. But kindly do not be fed by what you see in the corporate media.

Now, coming to your question on apostasy, we are unable to comprehend such laws because of being fed the European notion of division of state and church (the spiral effects of this division are the cracks now appearing in decadent western society). Thus, when there is no separation of religion and state, the identity of the state is defined by Islam, and one who rejects this identity has committed treason- treason is punishable in all societies. But to properly understand this, you need an appreciation of polity, sociology and philosophy.

It is not true that X, Y or Z commit apostasy tomorrow, and a bunch of Muslims will be baying for their blood- rather Islam is all for order in society. Lastly, religion is not man-made for human mind needs religion for proper guidance in this complex universe. Allah Almighty says in the Holy Qur'an (2:38):
"...verily there cometh unto you from Me a guidance; and whoso followeth My guidance, there shall no fear come upon them neither shall they grieve."

The Qur'an is not at all discriminatory- rather, it emphasizes unity of all humans under One God (2:21-22):
"O mankind! Worship your Lord, Who hath created you and those before you, so that ye may ward off (evil).
Who hath appointed the earth a resting-place for you, and the sky a canopy; and causeth water to pour down from the sky, thereby producing fruits as food for you. And do not set up rivals to Allah when ye know (better)."

Earth, Space and Religion

Religion was created for the politics of it. How did tribes became countries with boundaries and how did beliefs become religions. Dig deeper and you will have the right questions. Experiment and you will get closer to the answer.

The only people who probably have the right questions are those with no religious differences, the astronauts who have been into space and also maybe the SETI folks. Because they are the ones, in whose minds it is everpresent that we are all but a speck in the universe, let alone a speck in the ever expanding space. They are the ones, who know for a fact that religion is yet another creation of mankind, just like country, politics etc. I can imagine some centuries or eons later, man will be setting up colonies in other galaxies and then we will be bickering about our differences between this world and "pandora", or "book of earth" and "TRN2452". who knows...

"There was then no Existence; nor Non-existence.
There was neither Matter, nor Space then.
What surrounded it? How? What was hidden then?
What existed in depths unfathomed?"


Mr. Indian, In a democratic set-up every one has the right to hold his own views on any thing.As long as he keeps them to himself, he and the society are safe.
The moment he tries to make others subscribe to it, the problem starts.
"Religion" has been defined as " a personal set or institutionalized system of religious beliefs, attitudes and practices."Your plea that "religion is not spiritual but political only" might not get many buyers.Religion establishes the relations between man and God.
"Darwinism" of the 19th century has been torpedoed by many today.The controversy between "creation" and "Evolution' has been set at rest by quite recent scientific discoveries!
You say :"Islam says to kill the person who leaves the religion!" Could you quote any authority for that.
On the other hand, Islam says "Let there be no compulsion in religion!".(Holy Quran 2 :256). It prohibits Infanticide(6:151); suicide(4:29); and Homicide(5:32).Further, verse 153 of Chapter 2 of Quran says" "O you who believe seek help with patient Perseverance and Prayer for
Allah is with those who patiently persevere".
Islam is against "idol-worship yet the Quran says :"You do not revile those whom they call upon besides Allah, lest they out of spite revile Allah in their ignorance!"(6:108).
Islam is for "religious tolerance".Look what Quran says :"If Allah had so willed, He would have made you a single people!But His plan is to test you in what He has given you.So strive as a race in all virtues.Ultimately you will all return to Him.He will then explain to you as to what you differed in."(5:48).
The tragedy the world faces today is not due to "ignorance' but "limited and bigoted knowledge" only. Hence, we are obliged to seek knowledge that
cleanses our mind, expands ourvision, enriches our understanding and love our neighbour!
Gurudeva Tagore said :"Every child comes with the message that God is not disappointed with man!"

You say :"Islam says to kill

You say :"Islam says to kill the person who leaves the religion!" Could you quote any authority for that.
Koran Chapter 004 Verse 089

SHAKIR: They desire that you should disbelieve as they have disbelieved, so that you might be (all) alike; therefore take not from among them friends until they fly (their homes) in Allah's way; but if they turn back, then seize them and kill them wherever you find them, and take not from among them a friend or a helper.

Sahih Bukhari: Volume 9 Book 84 Number 57

Some Zanadiqa (atheists) were brought to 'Ali and he burnt them. The news of this event, reached Ibn 'Abbas who said, "If I had been in his place, I would not have burnt them, as Allah's Apostle forbade it, saying, 'Do not punish anybody with Allah's punishment (fire).' I would have killed them according to the statement of Allah's Apostle, 'Whoever changed his Islamic religion, then kill him.'"

Sahih Bukhari: Volume 9 Book 84 Number 58
There was a fettered man beside Abu Muisa. Mu'adh asked, "Who is this (man)?" Abu Muisa said, "He was a Jew and became a Muslim and then reverted back to Judaism." Then Abu Muisa requested Mu'adh to sit down but Mu'adh said, "I will not sit down till he has been killed. This is the judgment of Allah and His Apostle (for such cases) and repeated it thrice. Then Abu Musa ordered that the man be killed, and he was killed. Abu Musa added, "Then we discussed the night prayers and one of us said, 'I pray and sleep, and I hope that Allah will reward me for my sleep as well as for my prayers.'"
Sahih Bukhari: Volume 9 Book 84 Number 64
No doubt I heard Allah's Apostle saying, "During the last days there will appear some young foolish people who will say the best words but their faith will not go beyond their throats (i.e. they will have no faith) and will go out from (leave) their religion as an arrow goes out of the game. So, where-ever you find them, kill them, for who-ever kills them shall have reward on the Day of Resurrection."

ads on TCN

I would request TCN to unsubscribe from advertisements- you are already doing a good job, MashaAllah, which many more people would be willing to support.

Most of the ads are useless and I think not many people would be clicking on them anyhow..

Judges are the main criminals helping every mafia in India


I am ever ready to expose the list of loafer judges many to many not less than two hundreds at least in Andhra Pradesh by names and also by the relevant cases where they did every favour to criminals after enjoying huge amounts as bribe . My life is ruined to extreme extent by these bastards [ judges ] . Most of the judges particularly in lower courts are not only dirty corrupt loafers , criminals and also worst womanizers too.

District Mr T Laxmana Rao Kadapa utilised his subordinate judges as pet dogs to harm me since I questioned the corruption & bribery of his relatives and friends and requested for appropriate enquiries to be utilized for recovery of not less than rupees 25000 crores in the interest of nation.

The culprits who are unfortunately judges Mr Saravan Kumar at Proddatur during 2003 Mr Parthasarathi at Rajempet during 2003 , Mr J V V Satyanarayana at Proddatur during 2005, Mr Venkateswarlu at Badvel during 2007,Mr Tota amudu at Jadchela during 2007 , Mr Satyanarayana 2007 at Secundarabad as X ADMM , Mr Pullaiah at RR Court during 2009 , Mr Sardar Mohan Rao Vijayawada at present and many to many shall be presented for action along with relevant cases . Any authority in India to admit the cases for execution .

Please inform me I will be on the job in this rest of my life till death why because more than police , judges are the main criminals helping every mafia in India continuously ruin the country for bribes.


16-8-908/7 New Malakpet

Hyderabad – 500024

Mobile No : 09985108812

Email : ajforpj@gmail.com

Note : One crore is equal to ten millions


Since most of the courts are chaired by dirty corrupt judges who are just dancing to the music of bribed police , dangerous criminals are being saved at the satisfactions of anti national elements - Since I questioned and reported the facts of misappropriation of rupees more than 500 crores in the Irrigation department and also to get utilized to recover rupees not less than 25000 crores, never I am admitted to express my views . But the corrupt loafers are given every opportunity to escape punishments by the only excuses of most dirty corrupt judges who have been harassing me in the trial of case No : 54/2003 of II town Police station Proddatur town Kadapa district for last eight years to till today while declaring full support to corruption and bribery . The correspondence dated 03-10-2009 is forwarded herewith in the interest of public justice


Asst Exe Engineer, Irrigation department ,GNSS Division,

Proddatur Pin - 516361,Kadapa district. Phone No: 08564-250956

Mobile +919985108812, Email : ajforpj@gmail.com

Note : One crore is equal to ten millions


pls tell me wt is ECN

Islamic Liers

twocircles is not secular at all its just show all about Muslims and nothing about Hindus in Kashmir you know what secular is? watch aaj tak how they busted narender modi! You Muslim really need to change your mind set its good for you and other also.


indianmuslims.info is an interesting site and quite informative








Strange argument about Jiziya


The argument that Jiziya was collected either as a (1) zakath like donation from Non Muslims or (2) for the Muslim Arms which protected the non- Muslims (sort of protection money).

(1) Zakath is something which should not be collected by force. Rather it should be voluntary and in accordance with the non-Muslims' faith.

(2) As a protection money. Here is where the Hindus went wrong and are going wrong with their theory of Ahimsa. If the Hindus were not weakened by the theory of Ahimsa then surely no outside rulers, be it the Muslim invaders or the British or French or Portuguese, would have ruled over us. The Hindus need to keep this in mind. Rather, we forget time and again that Prithvi Raj in his generosity had forgiven Ghori many times. But Ghori had never shown such mercy to Prithvi.

Your argument regarding Jaziya shows that the Hindus should not have paid the protection money or Jaziya and should rather have looked after their own protection and taken up arms.

Thanks for the great logic used.

query regarding online Zakat/Charity for upliftment of muslims

As-Salam Wale-kum ,
I don't know if this is the right platform to ask this this , but i have a query , i want do Zakat/Charity to muslim organisation who works for upliftment of poor or needy muslims ,and are registered to Govt. & have online donations/charity facility. Plz send their website , if anyone knows

May allah bless TCN

TCN network is doing wonderful job in this anti islamic atmosphere. Everywhere Islam is blemed for terrorism, we have to reply them with peace and warm nature,... We have to prove Quran's message truely....

I much enjoyed your article

I much enjoyed your article on the Advocate against bride=trafficking, Shafiq Ur Rahman Khan. May more men stand with him to help the helpless young women.

support tcn

i am a Bcom graduate from mangalore university. I am really proud of tcn. My place is manjeshwar, kasaragod, kerala. Near to mangalore, karnataka. Do tcn have network in north kerala or south canara. If any help need i will do my best