Zakir Naik’s team responds to controversies

By Shafee Ahmed Ko,

Chennai: In a neutral effort to probe the “Peace” controversial meet of Dr.Zakir Naik with his remarks to Yazeed, Prophet Muhammad (sal), Osama Bin Laden and, his concept of teaching Islamic principles teaching the Muslim students at his Islamic International School in Chennai in relation with people of the alien faiths (other than Muslims). This correspondent’s earnest and conscientious pains to contact the key spokespersons, during the “Peace Meet” in Chennai failed.

Nevertheless, in order to accomplish the news story of Dr.Zakir Naik’s controversies, finally this correspondent, after a constant knocks, was successful in meeting Mr.R.K.Noor Mohammad, a scholar from Madina University, an official of Islamic International School in Chennai which is run, conceived, and developed by Dr. Zakir Naik. The summarized conversation between this correspondent and Mr.Noor Muhammad is here:

Interview on 19 Jan 2010 (11.15 am to 12 noon)

Venue: Office of the correspondent: Islamic International School, Chennai.

Questions from the Correspondent : Dr.Zakir Naik is under controversy with regards to his statements on (1).Yazid, (2)Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and (3) Osama bin Laden, and (4) teaching the students of his Islamic International School, Chennai not to greet the people of non Muslim’s festivals. The request was proposed to elaborate one after one.

Answers (Mr.M.K.Noor Mohammed)

It’s good that I am meeting a journalist. Most of the Muslims are ignorant of journalism and our boys and girls must be trained in this field. Insha Allah.

1. Dr.Zakir Naik on Yazeed:

During a “Peace Meet” in Mumbai on November 2007, at the question answer session, a non Muslim desired a specific clarification on Yazid. While answering his question, in hurry Dr.Naik uttered “Raziallahu Anhu” instinctively by “slip of his tongue”. In the in the meantime he identified the error resulted due to inattention.

Nevertheless, Dr.Zakir Naik was quick to point out stating that,” I have read so in some books. I am ready give in writing that I won’t commit such faults. Will those people furnish a written assurance that they will not abuse companions of Prophet Muhammad such as Hazrath Abu Backer (R),Hazrath Umar (R),Hazrath Usman (R) and Hazrath Aayish (Raz.anha)?”

(Mr. Noor Muhammad offers a bunch of papers supporting this argument which included Urdu and English dailies from Mumbai-Times of India, Urdu Times Mumbai, and Roznama Rashtria Sahara Mumbai et al)

2. Dr.Zakir Naik on Prophet Muhammad (sal)

“How can a believing Muslim ask help from dead person even if that person be Prophet Muhammad (sal)?” rebutted Mr.Noor Mohammad. I hope you agree with me? Dr.Naik had tendered a written apology on the basis that if there could be any “slip of tongue” that he (Dr.Naik) would not resort to such thing. (Mr.Noor Mohammad gives copy of written apology dated 12.11.08 at 1.35pm) PS: This copy had been published in

3.Dr.Zakir Naik on Fight against Enemies of Islam and Osama bin Laden.

Dr.Zakir Naik has spoken in the intense and explicit context of a fight or enemies of Islam. Of course, Dr.Naik did say that he supported those who fight against the enemies of Islam. He (Dr.Naik) does not know whether Osama bin Laden is a terrorist or he trains terrorists. But if Osama bin Laden’s fight is against enemies of Islam, Dr.Naik said that, “I am with him”.
(Mr.Noor Mohammad asks this correspondent to search for NDTV YouTube video session, “Walk and Talk” where this subject is discussed in detail)

4. Dr.Zakir Naik’s Concept not to greet people of non Muslims on their festivals.

“We teach all the students in our school the etiquette of neighbourhood and how to treat nicely the non Muslim guests who would be at our homes”

He goes further on to say that, “Please don’t take this as from Dr.Naik”, asks Mr.Noor Mohammad the correspondent.

Mohammad begins that, “But on this issue, I am very firm and I do teach myself in my classes that Muslims should not greet the people of non Muslims faiths in their festivals such as Christmas, Pongal, and Diwali etc. How can a Muslim greet “Happy Christmas” which will be a direct connotation or a determined reference more similar to “praying expression” to Jesus Christ to whom we don’t believe?” .So will be Pongal and Diwali. Mr. Noor Mohammad is replete with or deeply permeates with Holy Quran’s verses to support his school of thought taking Sura 2:173-Sura 5:3-Sura 6:145-Sura 16-115.




Muslims unlike christians donot believe that the Jesus(pbuh)was son of Allah(swt).Quran says its the worst abuse to Allah(swt).Muslims believe Jesus(pbuh)as a great messenger of Allah(swt).

Naik is liar !

Dr. Naik is a liar, after controversies, he feared for his life, put a renowned advocate of Mumbai for his rescue, now he is shamefully, admitting, what nonsense he uttered was "slip of tongue".

Zakir Abdul Karim Naik.Muslim India is proud of this great son.

What a logic!A mumbai lawyer saved Zakirs life?(A muslim believes Allah(swt)is the protector).Even if he gets killed(Allah(swt)forbid)he will be in the ranks of shuhdaa(those killed in the defense of islam).Shias and Barelvis were given fatwa by their spiritual leader Khomeini to kill Salman Rushdi.(Just to grab sympathy of islamic world).But none of these cowards ever tried to do any harm to him who too was from mumbai.He is a regular visitor to mumbai.Later on fatwa was drawn shamelessly while he is still selling his satanic book.
Zakir has lectured all around the world for more than 16 years.He must have uttered Billions of words in the audiences of millions for more than thousands of times.We dont need any clarification from him
The islamic world loves him except for few grave worshippers and Sahaba(ra)abusers.

Zakir Abdul Karim Naik......

Without ANY offense to you Br. Salafi, or to Muslim FAITH, or to those Barelvi Moulanas / Muftis, who gave a FATWAA against Salman Rushdi, just to grab Islamic World Sympathy.

That's exactly what I was trying to say in my earlier posting about INSURANCE CAREER, under a different article.

If I am able to read properly and understand your posting, you are now trying to accuse Br. Zakir AbdulKarim Naik of hiring a MUMBAI LAWYER for his protection, instead of relying on ALMIGHTY ALLAH. Very good logic / reasoning!!!

In case of Salman Rushdi (I address him SOLOMON Rush-Die), it was British Government which gave him legal protection, including personal BODYGUARDS. For Br. Zakir AbdulKarim Naik, Indian Government would have left loose thousands of Shiv Sainiks who would breath-down his neck, and would have got him eliminated like ATS Chief - Late Hemant Karkare.

Think WISELY, before you post your comment, NEXT TIME. Readers across the world are reading, and your comments may go under RUBBLE, like that of Haiti Earthquake.

Haiti Earthquake Lessons to be learned.

Mushtaque Bhai,
Your comments are illogical.What sympathy we are going to get after stopping muslims to Insurance Career?
Brother, nothing happens in this world without the knowledge and will of Allah(swt).You certainly didnot fully understand my comments.Due to your failure to defend your stand on Insurance,you are trying to find fault with everything salafi comments.Brother we are all here to share and increase our knowledge and empower ourselves.Egoism is the quality of Satan.
Haiti earthquake victims are not for anyone like us sinners to make fun.Rather one should get lesson from this earthquake and stop earning money from unislamic forbidden sources like interest based Insurance.


The sentence "PLEASE DON'T TAKE THIS AS FROM Dr.NAIK" uttered by Noor Mohamed Saheb,whom the TCN Reporter interviewed, shows that the former is not a full fledged and authorised representative of the learned scholar Dr. Naik. Efforts must be made to get at Dr. Naik and clarification sought from him directly. But then, something is better than nothing., The TCN Reporter does deserve praise for his patient and tireless efforts to seek clarifications regarding the views of the Western-style Aalim. I am constrained to crave the hospitality of thse columns insmuch as my attempts to contact Dr. Naik DIRECTLY thro' his Email Account failed miserably.
Dr. Naik is after all a human being and to commit mistakes is but natural. Alas! To make mountains out of molehills appears to be the pastime of some of our fellow-religionists . If one dispassionately weighs the PLUS and the MINUS points, regarding the holding of the PEACE EXHIBITION the PLUS points are definitely more than the MINUS. Hence, he wins and his opponents lose.


I fully agree with your comment and reasoning - Mr. S.M. Pasha.

To give readers an example - Salman Rush-Die's SATANIC VERSES is a good one. Our Moulanas / Muftis from Barelvi (maybe) gave a FATWAA to gain sympathy, which CONVERSELY gave the book and author, WORLD-ATTENTION, which is exactly WHAT the Western Governments were looking for - THEY GOT IT.

Putting in quite simply (instead of chest-beating and creating riots), had Muslims or those who felt offended, purchased those thousands and thousands of copies of SATANIC VERSES from book-shops, news-stands - Salman Rush-Die WOULD NOT have got the attention - nor his book would have become a HOT-SELLING book.

Muslims, Moulanas, Muftis need to think using their BRAINS - not below their heads, NEXT TIME.

Naik is liar !

Assalamo Alaikoom
I don't know why people specially some Muslim are against Jakir Naik. It is because of him million of educated muslim people can answer the non-muslim's questions. It is because of him our religion is shining in India. Non-muslim also understood Islam .There are his countless effort to uplift Muslims in India and around the world. I really feel ashamed when some people blame him for uttering a single sentence. A ayat is there "True Muslim are those who hide the mistake of other fellow Muslim". Even our beloved Prophet(SAW)also made similar comment. Before blaming such a great scholar have we ever think what we are or what we do for the upliftment of ignorant Muslim community.
My Dear brothers don't do this.

Because he praises the

Because he praises the person who killed the grandson of Prophet (s)

People do not have eyes, are ignorant


You seem to be too ignorant to write a J for Z in Zakir Naik's name. Here, I am not to talk abour Zakir Naik, but the ignorant people who call themselves Muslims. If you have your ears functioning and know writing English, you could have written Zakir for Jakir. The subject line is too a deception. Please remember that Allah supports those who try to help themselves. Shed you regionalism and learn atleast Arabic if not Urdu. Nobody is asking you to purge yourself of your own language here. Deception is the nture of Shaitan and do not use satanic methods. If we follow others ways, we are bound to fail in our goals and Allah warns that our end could be with those, who we copy. Choice is ours though.

Naik is a liar - response to Subidhs mail..

Dear Subidh,

Please read your mail and see my reply.
You say " It is because of him million of educated muslim people can answer the non-muslim's questions."

Why is it that educated Muslims do not read the Quran themselves? WHy should they be spoon fed at this age. By now are they not old enough to learn and understand their religion which they have practiced everyday. Why do they have to waste their time listening to someone who is pushing his ideology of abuse and violence on people. You know if someone senses you are dependent on them, they will take advantage of it - and that is precisely what is happening. Frankly I dont think it is all educated people but people who are rich, have time on their hands and want to feel they are doing something worthwhile and will go to heaven because they are Muslims and they are listening to ZN, and ZN has qualified them for Heaven.

You say "It is because of him our religion is shining in India. Non-muslim also understood Islam ."

We are already seeing the result of his efforts - his speeches cause a lot of embarassment if you were to really talk to well read people of other communities. Please understand that he is a controversial person - some day he will be in trouble because he is going too far.. ( I will tell you why)

"There are his countless effort to uplift Muslims in India and around the world. "

There are countless ways in which a Muslim can spend money to raise the standard of the community. Does he have to hear speeches to become uplifted. and in turn fill ZN's pockets through paying a heavy price for his speeches and fees to his schools. How about uplifting the poor in your community in the true sense. Do you know their problems, can you EDUCATE Them. Can you pay them a living wage, can you pay for their medical expenses.. Ask ZN to do something on the lines of community development without speeches.

"I really feel ashamed when some people blame him for uttering a single sentence. A ayat is there "True Muslim are those who hide the mistake of other fellow Muslim". Even our beloved Prophet(SAW)also made similar comment. Before blaming such a great scholar have we ever think what we are or what we do for the upliftment of ignorant Muslim community."

He is not an Islamic Scholar in the true sense of the word. Secondly you must tell him this ayat you have mentioned because he is the one who is talking ill about people - naturally others will respond. he pushed his luck a little too far this time in talking about the Prophet(PBUH) may be as a test dose to see if the people would swallow that too.. A man who prides himself in reciting Arabic verses without a flaw and translating it without a mistake cannot make a mistake or blunder accidentally of this nature about the main person my dear.

Remember if you go on thinking only of your community you have to think of the others around you because you live in a secular country. And what is the safety for you once you alienate yourself from your neighbours, your colleagues, your society, and ultimately country at this rate - you live here and you cannot be without mingling and telling everybod "I am great - you are not". You are jeopardising the lives of so many innocent Muslims including your own family and friends. Where will you go? First lesson in this world is "TO CO-EXIST"

Finally - Funny that something called PEACE exhibition talks of anarchy.


Co existence

Brother why are you feeling like alienated?In fact Zakir bhai is the first muslim scholar who is sharing dias with s.ravishankar and others.Till now except for Maulana Abul Kalam Azad no scholar ever mingled with non muslim in india.Also your assumption that muslims are alienating themselves too is incorrect.Rather muslims and non muslims are gathering in Zakirs programme in lakhs.Dont feel alienated and try to meet Zakir if you are from mumbai or if you get a chance to meet him in some conference.He is really very humble person.
Some times police force and army is required to maintain peace,and they have to carry out the instruction of ministers to chase and arrest the criminals and anti social elements for avoiding anarchy.Dont confuse anarchy with peace brother.
When we see Prophet(saas)too is controversial(nauzubillah)for many westerners, then no surprises that Zakir will be allowed to function without controversies.

Shafee Ahmd Ko

The journalistic work you did here is on the lines which are taught to journos in India. He has been at his very best to show that he is a Keralite. So is DR RK Noor Mohammad. He made it sure that the work he is doing on 'Islam' remains incomplete and confusing. His knowledge if Islam and its historic figures is what even a non-Muslim would like to avoid just for its acceptance by Muslims. His anglicised names with the disdain to details as is evident in his insistance of Aishah having a 'y' though the last syllable is absent shows what the so called 'good' education has in store for us, Muslims. While they show all the knowledge about Hinduism and Christianity, from all around the world, they remain and show their vernacularism at best while talking of Islam. To them, Islam is just the things people do in your locality. Their abhorance to Urdu and insistance of anglicing Islamic and Muslim things in English is always there.
It is better to have a non-Muslimi journo like Rajdeep Sardesai or a Vikram Chandra or a Prannoy Roy, because their professionalism does lesser harm to Islam. This is the reason that makes Islam localised and people pick localised things as versions of Islam.
Instead of clarifying Dr Naik, Shafee has confused poeple more. Hope he writes me back.

TCN interview with Naik follower

In the interview this guy R.K.Noor whoever he is at the Islamic International School run by Zakir Naik in Chennai said: "I do teach myself in my classes that Muslims should not greet the people of non Muslims faiths in their festivals such as Christmas, Pongal, and Diwali etc. How can a Muslim greet “Happy Christmas” which will be a direct connotation or a determined reference more similar to “praying expression” to Jesus Christ to whom we don’t believe?”

That is a shocking statement. It proves that Mr. Zackriah Badsha was absolutely right that the children who study in these kind of schools will be unfit to live in a multi-cultural society in India. Now it is upto the Tamil Nadu government to decide if these schools should continue to brainwash Muslim kids.

For those women who support Zakir Naik and his team of extremist speakers I would like to inform them that at least two the speakers have four wives. They are "Mufti" Omar Sharif and Bilal Philips. I am told that none of these wives were widows or destitute women when these guys married them. All were young virgins. These are the "scholars" who are idolised by innocent Muslim men and women. Only Allah knows how many more of these salafi extremists have married more than one wife.

Are you a Muslim?

I would like to know whether u r a muslims or not. From what you wrote it seems you are not a Muslim. Every person has his/her opinion on certain issues. You should not behave like a dictator on this website and judge who is fit to live in a multicultural society. If some scholars are of the opinion that greeting non muslims on their festivals is wrong, what is troubling u? Is it compulsory to greet them on their festivals (i m not talking of general greeting)? How would it hamper coexistence? You have wrong standards of coexistence.

Now, answering your ridiculous comments about some speakers having more than one wife. You are indirectly attacking Prophet Muhammad and Islam by attacking polygamy. This shows your real face that u want to attack Islam in reality, on these comment forums.

I would request the moderators of this website to ban u from posting further comments on this website.


Even if all the oceans were to become ink, all the tall trees in the world were to become pens and even if the entire globe is flattened and made into a note book, and these given to those know not what logic and reason is; who are unaware of the rules of etiquette of a debate and those who imagine that they alone are wise and all others are fools,the pens, the ink and the notebook will not be enough for them; they will ask for more!
Please Mr. Moderator put a full stop to this endless war of words.
I am prepared to hold a ONE-T0-ONE debate in Chennai. Let the opponents of Dr.Zakir Naik choose their Champion Debater and let their Champion publicly debate on a few previously fixed questions, with Dr. Naik. ARE THE OPPONENTS OF Dr. ZAKIR NAIK LISTENING?

I was shocked to learn that

I was shocked to learn that many speakers in the Peace Exhibition have more than one wife, some even four!! What a shame! I had a lot of regard for these people but now I feel completely let down. If what brother Abdus Salam says is false then let someone from Dr.Zakir Naik camp deny his allegations. If they dont then I would assume that what the brother says is true and I would shun these speakers who have made a mockery of womanhood.

And what is brother S.M.Pasha trying to convey by volunteering to hold a debate? From his comments it appears that he is seeking publicity. Why does he want to pit two Muslims against each other? He quoted the Quran but I would like to know if Allah forgives people misrepresent Islam? I am beginning to have my own doubts about Dr. Zakir Naik now.Thanks to Twocircles for this wonderful debate through which I have learnt a lot of lessons, the first one being not to take anyone at face value. Even if he happens to be a scholar.

Mockery of womanhood.

Fatima(ra)is the name of daughter of our beloved Prophet Muhammad(saas).She(ra) will be the leader of women of paradise.All muslim men and women are proud of Fatima(ra),Aishah(ra).Maryam,the mother of Jesus(pbuh),and Aasiyah(as)the wife of Pharoah.All these are role models for muslim women.
None of these women ever complained why their husbands,brothers,sons and even fathers have more than one wives.Because they were not ignorant like Fatima Khanum.Because it was only islam,which gave them the rights of equality,dignity,honor,respect as a human being(westerners didnot accepted till 150 years ago that women too are human being).Islam gave the rights of women 1430 years ago,whereas westerners are still struggling to give them their rights of inheritance.
Westerners have dragged women out of their homes for the pleasure of unhindered,unlimited sexual desires of men.In the name of equality they have made them factory workers,barbers,taxi drivers.Even after so much hardship western women are not able to lead a happy married life.They are being treated as machines(car)for test drive in the name of dating.And after enjoyig her they are simply parting their ways without any responsibilty for emotional and physical damage done to her.
If Fatima cannot see this mockery of womanhood then she is free to change her name and enjoy as she likes.




What an idea Pashaji!! You

What an idea Pashaji!! You want to organise a debate. But where will you get the crores of rupees to hold this meeting Sirji? Dont you know that for such a venture you need to have access to Gulf money, or at least know how to milk a rich businessman dry? And where will this debate take place? Madarse Azam School? Hahaha.

By the way how about a debate between you and the Shia Qazi on Yazeed? Or better still how about a friendly symposium on polygamy between Bilal Philips and mufti Umer with Dr.Zakir Naik as the referee?


Assalamualaikum. It is the tender=heartedness of the Moderator which prompted him or her to permit the publishing of such a nasty and irrelavant reply. The venue of the debate CAN be in the Madrase Azam School grounds or even in the Marina Beach.Is it essential to spend "crores of rupees" to hold a Meeting of the kind I suggested? And what nonsense is this talk about polygamy, as though it is an UN-ISLAMIC act. People who scribble such rubbish must know that they are actually and indirectly playing into the hands of the enemies of Islam who wait for such an opportunity to go about saying:" Look, this is how Muslms themselves condemn polygamy."
As regards a debate on Khalifah Yazeed bin Mu'awiyah (R) no useful purpose will be served by debating with the Shiah Qazi or for that matter with anyone who takes the Karbala episode to be a fact despite unimpeachable documentary evidence.

I once again appeal to the Moderator to end this endless and useless tirade against brother Dr. Zakir Naik.

Brothers, Assalamo

Brothers, Assalamo Alaikum.
Don't forget Dr, Zakir Naik is doing a good job and he is a great man.

The information provided by

The information provided by Abdus Salam is disturbing. I was not aware that Bilal Philips and some others in the Peace group have four wives and I have an uneasy feeling that this is true because it has not been denied by the Zakir Naik camp. On top of it R.K.Noor has said in the interview that children in the Islamic International School are taught not to respect people of other faiths. Actually I was planning to put my son in that school but now I have decided against it. I do not want him to become a misfit in society when he grows up. I am also going to ask my friend who admitted her son in IIS last year to consider removing him.


Allah(swt)instructed Prophet(saas)not to stop drinking honey which is Halal food.Then why Zarina is objecting to any muslim who has four wives when Allah(swt)and Prophet(saas)have given permission?
If you think the permission given in Quran for 4 wives is wrong then you are against Allah(swt)who has given you life.Imagine fighting with one who has created this universe,minute part of which is our solar system,and the sun contains millios of atomic bomb explosions taking place everyday in front of you.


I think your undrstanding of polygamy in islam in superficial. I am a non-muslim and what i heard from a good muslim is, you are allowed to marry one healthy woman and 3 women who are either old or destitute. The case here is that men marrying 4 virgins, which will only cause social upheavel if others won't get women to marry and procreate.

Polygamy is better than several irresponsibe relations.

Islam is based on Quran and Sunnah.Your question is hypothetical.Everywhere in the world there are millions of virgins,divorcees,widows.Islam allows muslims to marry upto 4 women without any distinction regarding their virginity or health.
Islam is pro marriage,always encourages people to lead a happy,married,responsible life towards their wives and children and all the family.Islam considers illegal sexual intercourse even if both agree as a grave sin,in all these relations women suffer most.
To know Islam it is not good to visit orientalist websites or ask your ignorant friends.Go to source i.e.Quran &Sunnah.
I can understand your tactics to divert debate but Islam is ideological superpower,have all the answers to problems of humanity.

Your response to polygamy

Your response to my question and your views on polygamy is laughable. If it is true that a muslim can marry upto 4 healthy virgin women and be happy, then you are only creating social havoc. Just saying there are millions of women available (like commodities) is laughable as there are millions of men who are striving to get a single life. There is a delicate balance of sex ratio skewed favourable towards men, thanks to hatred against girl child in out society and on the top of that you want to have muslims marry 4 healthy women to lead a happy life? what about other men?

I would like to ask a non-salafi, non-wahabi muslim women if it is true that one can marry 4 healthy wives.

" Just saying there are

" Just saying there are millions of women available (like commodities) " This is Wrong Mr Giri to put words in the mouth.. A man marries one or 4 wives (Which is allowed in islam conditionally but not commanded to) is with the will of both man and woman. So here the women are not commodities like you think.. They are having all the right to reject and look out for a man who has no wife..You dont seem to have any respect towards women perhaps

Polygamy - Reply to Giri

It appears Giri is questioning about "polygamy" with half-baked OR hear-say knowledge, about Islam and Polygamy.

Mr. Giri:
Yes, "polygamy" is allowed in Islam. If, (and that's a big IF) one chooses to practice it, the attached requirements / duties on that person are strict. If one is willingly / knowingly abusing "polygamy", then he is responsible to answer "Allah". I don't want to waste TCN's web-site space to list those requirements / duties.

Now, I would question you (respected Mr. Giri) show me the percentage of Muslims in India, Pakistan, or any Muslim country practicing "polygamy".

And, I will show you Hindus in India practicing "polygamy" (behind the screen, secretly, and unofficially) are MORE THAN the Muslims practicing "polygamy". A small hint ((without my intention of hurting feelings of anyone)) are "Devadasis" at Temples in India. I hope you understand, where I am pointing??

I would wait for your answer with authentic / official / reliable statistics on Muslims practicing "polygamy".

And remember Mr. Giri - a good Muslim "may not" be knowledgeable w.r.t. polygamy. He maybe confusing you and other readers. So, please refrain from commenting with "half-knowledge". Thank you.

Good Luck.

An Indian


Mr Indian how you know Hindus in India practicing "polygamy" (behind the screen, secretly, and unofficially) are MORE THAN the Muslims you have any proof or you are a day dreamer foolish man devadasis are dancers which thry only dance in front of god not in front of others.Look at your nawabs after marraying many women still they go other women who sings qawali songs. Almost muslim men are hving twoor three wifes who preaches the peace and brotherhood but they never practice all muslims taking advantage of polygamy which is there in islam.Recent reports say that 80%pakistan law makers are married twicw or thrice now where you will keep your face mr.Indian and please dont say indian beacause our Indian Culture is Ramayan.

Peace Exhibition controversy

After observing keenly the ongoing debate here I noticed that all the people defending Dr. Zakir Naik are doing it emotionally. So far none of his supporters have denied any of the allegations againt Dr.Naik. For example, it was alleged that he charges more than Rs.7000 per month, excluding books, as fees for primary school students and no one has denied this. Someone wrote that the stage on which Dr. Naik sits is worth upto 40 lakh rupees. Even this has not been denied. An article claimed that religious extremism is preached in Dr.Naik's schools, and surprisingly, this has been confirmed by Mr. R.K.Noor to TCN. Given these facts it may not be wrong to say that the Dr. Zakir Naik's opposers do have a point. He seems to be an extremist.

Zakir is not forcing any one to join School.

Brother Waris Haleem,why are you shifting the focus from real debate Islam versus Secularism to Zakirs income,school and cost of the dias?Till now not a single secularist has come up with any covincing answer against the ideology of Islam(they can never come till the day of judgement).
Instead of indulging in character assasination they should accept the defeat and become true muslim and stop admiring impotent secular democracy which cannot protect any of the rights of minorities.
Islamic International Conference of 1.57 billion strong muslims in the world does deserve an international standard dias.
If you dont have enough money to educate your children then you have lot of Central Govt.state govt,and munciplr corporation schools where education is free and they provide midday meal too.
A muslim is one who obeys each and every instruction of Allah(swt)and Prophet(saas),if anyone thinks this is extremism then there is nothing wrong in being one.Alhamdulillah

reply to warris haleem's baseless claims against dr.zakir naik

may peace, mercy & blesiings of almighty allah(swt) be on all of you,

to tell ALL the people defending zakir naik are emotional is by itself an emotional statement. i request haleem to do his SELF ANALYSIS before judging anyone. if br zakir is charging 7000rs, then what is your problem. there are 100's of children studying in that school, they dont have any problem, so what is yours??? dont be jealous if u cannot do it. i too believe with you that dr zakir naik is extremeist, he is extremely kind, honest,truthfull etc. i hope even u be the extremist like brother zakir.


Assalaam-o-AlaIKUM I WANNA


Salafi should not be allowed to post

How dare this fellow Salafi tells a woman that "she is free to change her name and enjoy as she likes". Does he realise what he is suggesting? You fanatic! dont you know how to talk to a woman? But then how can you? You have been trained by Zakir Naik who himself once answered a non-Muslim woman that she would be better off being the second or third wife of someone than becoming "public property." How crude!

I hope the readers of Two Circles have realised that the salafis throughout this debate have adopted the Bush Doctrine: YOU ARE WITH US OR AGAINST US. There is no middle ground for them. Anyone who does not agree with salafism is a kafir and might as well change her name and enjoy as she likes. Another peculiar thing that can be observed here is that they want to settle all issue through a debate. Example; S.M.Pasha.If this is not extremism what is? The Muslims should realise that by putting our children in schools run by people like Zakir Naik will cause great harm to them. They will become so rigid that they will start hating all non-Muslims and non-Salafis. These schools must not be allowed to exist in India. Let us all bring pressure to close them down.

Oh and to add, if you have a

Oh and to add, if you have a problem, do not send your own children to his school , if parents want to let them its their choice, and ALLAH SWT knows best how they will turn out, do you have any idea what your children will turn out to be when there older??? No you do not. WHY ARE PEOPLE SO QUICK TO COMMENT ON OTHERS LOOK AT YOURSELF FIRST!

Control your tongue Ms.

Control your tongue Ms. Kauser or whatever! Allah knows the best! and Allah has not asked any believing woman to prostrate like a Dog or has seperated women from performing Hajj differently from Men, nor has he asked woman not to visit the Masjid, nor he asked woman to offer any different zakath from Men!
Women enjoys every position equal to man in islam, the only religion which gives the Liberty to woman is Islam! Just because you know a few words about the Madhab dont wag your tongue, think of a day when your so wagging tongue would stop talking, your other parts would answer for your doings!
Alhamdulilah! what the Brother said about women is True! she has the liberty to choose her man, But her man should be a believing man and so she has can marry him only with her Fathers Permit. And for that small issue you called him a Fanatic! You never kow who is the Salihun, Siddiqun in the eyes of Allah! Lest Control your tongue and your typing stregth before you comment on a believer!
And stop criticizing salafi's for no one knows who is the fragrance of jaanah, which school is the one, neither me nor you, and you dont have any rights to openly say "Salafi should not be allowed to Post" You are a human and so is a Salafi! You are created of Mud and o is a Salafi, You read the Quran and So is salafi! You Prostrate in front of allah and so does a Salafi! You Cry to Allah for help and so is Salafi! Bear your tongue and those words for Allah has said "A women's dominion always results in wrath" Bear in mind before showing off your typing strength!


I think you should go back to sleep.. Allah bless you..Sleep well

Expose the salafis

Kausar is absolutely right. Salafi must be banned from posting his obnoxious views here. It would be even better if the real meaning of the ideology of the salafis is exposed to the Muslims so that they may not fall prey to marketing strategy of these polygamous extremists. Thousands of parents are happily paying 7000 rupees per month to Zakir Naik to brainwash their children. Many have taken there children out of quality schools like the Don Bosco to put them in Naik's Islamic International School. Soon these parents are going to realise their folly. May Allah save the Muslim community from salafi fanaticism.

Kudos to brave ladies.

I hereby fully endorse Madam Parveen and other lady to expose Salafis on the platform of Two net Circle. Some of them have become habitual, propagating their nonsenses ideology by hook or by crook!
Regarding Dr.Naik we all must know the source of his income. He has became millionaire, after his religious business!!!
He was a inhabitant of one room at Palla galli, Dongri, area of south Mumbai, that room was also grabbed by his father Dr. Abdul Karim from a Bengali widow.
I hereby invite all the right thinking Muslims who believes the true spirit of Islam, based on holy Quran and teaching of prophet Mohammed SAW., to counter the false ideology of Salafism, as this forum has become the easy and assessable ground to liar salafis to propagate their brand of Islam, as they like, by copying unreliable verses from Internet.

Lets think about ourselves

Ms Kausar Begum, Parveen Bano and Kader Bootwala,

I am not very fond of Dr Zakir Naik nor am against him. Kader Bootwala saab, you dont know how to write your name correctly, how come mere 'snatching of Bengali widows house' will belittle Dr Naik, even if he is at fault. You say he way staying in one room. Do you mean one should be residing in big mansion to be great. May be he wanted to be hubmle. Many claim to follow the true life of the Prophet but is it the way he lived. Did he live in mansion as you expect any of this follower to be real follower. Did he ask people to just follow him without knwoing what is being done. Unfortunately Barelvi's ask their followers to follow what is invented as Sunnat. I have lived in Barely and found that any type of education, religious or otherwise is a strict no-no to girls just because they are supposed to be segregated, but, I found them rearing a flock of buffalos and not only that, but picking up guava off the bush of kitchen garden of the roadside houses. What picture does it give of a Muslim lady? Illiterate, ignorant and what else. But, the same lady is aware about an Eid being of wahhabis hence not to be celebrated but the mohalli Masjid at 10 o'clock declares that there is no Rozah today. Is it not mockery of your control on certain number of people who are being led astray. Those who are at it are at a perennial loss and are sure to be getting the wrath of nobody else but Allah. In this world itself, they are to get all the treatment they derserve.
Ms Kausar and Parveen, you too wrote how Dr Naik speaks. Come to the context ladies. You represent the general secularised people who happen to be even at the homes of many Dr Naik follewer. While you have the teeth to tell Dr Naik (remember, I am not a fan or follower of Naik) he does not know how to talk to a lady. Do you think you qualify to be that lady who need to be talked the way you expect him to talk. Agreed that Mr Salafi writes what he wants but how can you ask TCN to banish him just because you think your words are not enough but need some help as well. If your words are genuine, they'll stick to many minds and you need not ask for reservation as is being done in India. If capability is the criteria, why have 33% incapable and leftover meritorious. These33% would be not more than a pawn in the hands of the others. We get to see that always.
To many Dr Naiks 7000 pm fee is bad but a mention of Don Bosco shows how much educated you are. If you wish your child to be as ignorant as you are about education and putting your child in convent (convent means a christian madarsah) makes him liberal, dont complain about not having a old age home becuase Muslim parents live and die with their children and not at old age home. The insanity you have in person should not be tried to be sold as liberal. I would consider others liberal when they send their children to my govt aided school which teaches their clanguage as well. Come to sense ladies, they do not send their children to my school because it is run by me, though I follow the medium and syllabus available with others, just because I am a Muslim. Many of my students join IIT and NDA for that matter. If to you becoming a quasi christian is not a problem, your choice but do not seek reservations like knowhow of talking to a lady while the lady takes liberty of all kinds. Ladies of a society are not only ornaments but more than that. You must at best be visiting your child's school while spending husbands earning. I am being personal but please forgive me for this. If you are working, have you seen people asking about christmas to a christian but always ask about Eid and Rozah etc. May be you too are not aware about them but asking each year shows they are not liberal while you are ignorant. They atleast have a culture, might be of ignorance, you are not entitled of even that, but being liberal, you dare calling others, while being best of the ignorant. If Zakir Naik's school charges fee equal or more than many Public Schools, you complain but pay through nose and then complain of non-availability of 'quality' schools run by Muslims. May be you are some clergy type of people claiming to be be Muslim, where a bearded ignorant practices religion like the Hindu and Christian priest do.
My call to you is to learn Arabic and study the Qur'an and many Ahadees available so that you need not follow any sect and are independent of anybody like Salafis, Barelvis, Wahhabis or Ahle Hadees etc. Our relation is directly with Allah, individually and the shifa'at of the Prophet would be only on the Day of Judgement. Mere abusing others or asking for favours for being a woman is not the solution. Woman in fact is more responsible than a man. She is entitled to consessions as well provided the practice by her is justifiable. By the way, what is your say about the left over 30% of european ladies who cannot marry legally because only 35% of the population is male? It was in this context that Dr Zakir Naik talked of the 'free' lady concept. If you say that that is not our problem for being Indian, I have wasted my time in trying to reason out. The universe is of Allah and we cannot absolve ourselves off just because we are from other part. May Allah give us the courage to practice His way instead of pointing and blaming others.

Mr.Naqqad is not good critics!

Mr.Naqqad, with due respect, because most of the time you have called me brother.
You are always criticising the names of the representative on the forum. May I know, What is this Naqqad? It is not an Islamic name.
What I know, through my Urdu knowledge, Naqqad means the critics!
According to your name unnecessary you are criticising others, poking your nose, posing yourself very intelligent and others fools!
It is unIslmic.
You are not always right!
And yes, why you always tried to become the mediator, without any invitation!!!
Regarding Zakir Naik's one room,
I don't bother he may reside in the palace of Saudi rulers or with his homosexual friend Anwar Ebrahim in a lavish apartment in Malaysia, who was sentenced for years in jail.
Your mentor Zakir Naik was the residence of a room, which was forcefully grabbed by a Bengali widow by some thirty years back. At that time Zakir Naik was matured and part of that grabbed room with his father Abdul Karim Naik.
Whether it is allowed in Islam to grabbed the property of some poor widow?
Mr.Naqqad, don't try to become much smart, like Zakir Naik. You are all one and same hypocrite, fooling innocent Muslims in the name of Islam!!!

Charity begins at home

Dear Abdul Qadir,

While you are not able to digest my comments on your comment on someone else, how come you do the same. I did not criticise either of you but said that both of you need to continue your own instead of making it 'washing dirty linen in public' and Dr Zakir Naik did not but only you did it. I am yet to hear or see from Naik's side but you did the same on TCN.
Now, how come I am trying to be oversmart. It is upto people at large who need to tell whether one is smart and not and not the person itself. I always remember this and never claim to be anybody. If you intend to ban comments on a public forum like TCN, one can imagine what would be your act on your own media!! Did Dr Naik asked you to write his name? How come you can eat and have your cake simultaneously. Please see reason. If your comments of anybody were not asked for and you did, how come you think others will not. A kettle cannot call a tumbler black my dear. ہوش کے ناخون لو and make sure that you are reasonable. My name is Muhammad Naqqaad which means a person who is engaged in praise of Allah and who is a critic. It will not make any difference if you put another 'a' or omit an 'a' from my name. I am lesser mortal seeking Allah's mercy and am not divine. If one feels he is divine and need not face the Judgement, let him do his own things while asking others not to do.
My comments were not personal but your comments on Dr Naik have been, in public, without any proof (images etc). Is this not تہمت then what it is? Is this not forbidden? May Allah have His mercy on both of you!!

Heartrending Attitude

Dear Brethren,Our aim should be to please Allah and get his reward(Jannah)at the end.Only Muslims can achieve Jannah, so be Muslim always rather than being called Sunni or Shia or Salafi or Bohra or Barelvi.When Muslim world is going through a desicive period,when our enemies(Hindutva fascists, Zionist,Crusaders and Communists)get together to wipe out Islam from the earth,we should not devote time in mud slinging process.Creating FITNA(trouble)among Muslims is rampant as our enemies have succeeded to some extent.Though Isam and Quraan are complete,people understand them in defferent way as circumstance varies from one person to another.Do something beneficial to Ummah instead of being engaged in character assasination.Allah bless all of us.

correct it

brother ,

dont misunderstand salafis and islamic school. it may be better than Donbosco school

Interviewer's unethical attitude!!!

Assalaamualaikum Warahmatullaah,

I R K Noor Muhammad (not M K Noor Muhammad)really shocked to read my interview which has been distorted, quoted me out of context, I don't know whether the interviewer did this delibrately or by mistake, Allaah knows the best!

I said, I myself teach in the classes that we should live in harmony with non-Muslims, united, together and giving all their due rights etc.,we have nothing against non-Muslims in our syllabus, we are only following what is the Qur'aan and authentic ahadeeth, we follow the Islaam which was followed by the companions free from division and sectarianisms, why the interviewer conveniently deleted that portion?

when it came to wishing non-Muslims on their festivals I told him clearly that this is an issue of Aqeedah of Ahlus Sunnah wal jamah, we cannot greet them on their festivals and this is not a serious issue anyways.

I sincerely request the journalists to give the complete interview not the distorted, out of context and misleadiing ones

Salaam, I just wanted to

Salaam, I just wanted to comment on what you wrote.
Why should we greet non-muslims at christmas? half the people do not know why they celebrate in the first place, they do not wish me Eid-Mubarak and majority do not agree with our festivals. They continue practising their ways and we do the same. By greeting them we are accepting what they celebrate is correct Christmas is a Pagan Holiday anyway, read up on their history you will find out more. And I agree with Dr zakir to some extent , we are all students, Islam is all about seeking knowledge, and you can still learn a thing or two or maybe more of many scholars, always check the references they quote. so that your ears and eyes are both convinced, no one knows ones intention only ALLAH swt knows, so may ALLAH swt make us all Good Muslims, and humble because from most peoples comments there coming across as harsh, Let ALLAH swt be the judge of zakir. Personally i wouldn't send blessings on YAZID how can i when look what he did to the prophet pbuh's family. but then ALLAH knows best.

Sorry part of my Comment was meant for you, but then i got carried away and the rest is for everyone else.

The Problem with Dr.Naik

We need Islamic preachers who are humble, who consider Islam to be one of several religions seeking the path to God, who respect the religions of others, who promote brotherhood of the human race, who can interpret Quranic injunctions in a broad humanistic framework, who condemn violence, terrorism and suicide-bombing in unequivocal terms, who denounce extremism and fanaticism, and who advance the cause of gender justice and gender equality. Unfortunately Dr.Zakir Naik is none of those.

for your comment on Dr.

for your comment on Dr. Zakir Naik, i would advise you to follow more of his lecture.. and base your conclusions on facts... any quotations will also be preferred.Plss perfectly weight the good things about him and whatever disagreement you are having before jumping into conclusions.

dr zakir naik

ASSALAM WA ALAIKUM WA REHMATULLAHE WA BARAKATUHU my dear brother my humble request to u is love allah and his mesenger muhammad (saw)only and read true islam if u dont like dr zakir naik no problem but at least read follw practise the true way of islam and pray for me also allah hafiz.................................