Is it a sin to be a Gujjar?

By Dr. Javaid Rahi

This is narration of 5th day of the strike in Kashmir Valley. I was busy in reading a local newspaper while my five years old son (Ali Gujjar) called my attention towards television and said "See Papa-Gujjar Gujjar Hai Hai" !!. I increased the volume of my television and with all inquisitiveness watched the television.

A local Private television channel was showing the visuals of violent demonstrations in downtown area of Srinagar City. These demonstrations were against the land transfer to Shri Amarnathji Shrine Board. The procession was led by a secessionist Kashmiri leader Syed Ali Shah Geelani. Thousands of people were participating in the procession and raising slogans against the government agencies and chanting jingles against Mr. Ghulam Nabi Azad. The demonstrationists were raising slogans "Gujjar-Gujjar Hai Hai ………..Nab Gujjar Hai Hai.”

Being a non-Kashmiri speaking Gujjar, I was trying to understand reference to context of these slogans and jingles and in order to have further information in this regard I telephoned one of my Kashmiri speaking Muslim friend residing in downtown area of Srinagar and in response, my friend replied that these type of slogans are being raised during the whole "land movement." Later I was given to understand that it is not only the downtown or civil lines area of Srinagar but these humiliating slogans are being raised in whole valley of Kashmir.

I being a "Gujjar” has always been proud of my community as a "tribe” because I know that my tribe have a history of 5000 years. This is the only largest Muslim tribe in India which is having nomadic way of life from the times immemorial and which has its roots in Middle East and Central Asia. But I was stunned to listen to the slogans against my tribe and community. This was really a shock that such tribe was being ill-treated and humiliated with slogans and jingles raised during the demonstrations.

I am pround of my Gujjar identity, but I was not in a position to understand why the demonstrators of a particular community were humiliating my community and I don't know what was the motive behind it. Probably they were trying to establish that Gujjars are inferior to majority Musilm community of Kashmir. There can be an argument that mob mentality can be behind this unwanted state of affairs but it persisted for about eight days which speaks of another unfortunate view of the picture.

A stigma is being attached with the word "Gujjar" in Kashmir which has resulted a wedge between Muslim Kashmiris and Muslim Gujjars. This wedge has been widened when the demonstrators under the leadership of Syed Ali Shah Geelani, while mortifying the sentiment of other Muslim community. The sentiments of mob in Kashmir valley during 8 days of demonstrations over land row is respectable but why the second largest ethno -linguistic minority "Gujjars" is targeted by chanting jingles about them. This is very unfortunate and strange.

The history is witness that no movement has achieved its goals until and unless it relinquishes hatred against the religious, lingual and other minorities were part of that particular movement. But we the Kashmiris are leading to which directions? We don't know ourselves ! A substantial chunk of Kashmiri intellectuals are against any sort of cultural discrimination. They favour amalgamation of Kashmiris, Gujjars and other identities to one Muslim identity. But this will not be possible unless and until the Majority Muslim community accepts and respects other cultural, racial, ethnical and lingual minorities among Muslims.

However in Jammu, the majority community constitutes of non-Muslims but in my 37 years of age I have never heard of any disrespectful words against my community, not to talk of raising slogans and making jingles and jokes about our community. This is also a fact that the Gujjars have suffered most over the land row at Jammu Samba, and Akhnor and their property destroyed. Some hard-liner organizations have thrashed Gujjars and their milk products and vegetables etc. were looted. This can be understood as an occurrence during such demonstrations but raising of slogans against Gujjars in Kashmir is absolutely a ground-breaking and unfortunate incident. But in valley, this is also very surprising that if any voice is raised in support of Gujjar identity and their rights, the label of "Agents of Delhi” is leveled by certain unscrupulous elements.

I have no regrets that the activist of Bajrang Dal and other organizations have tried to torture Gujjar property and places of worship of Gujjars in various areas of Jammu. I have no sorrow that a few houses of Gujjars were torched in Samba and Kathua. This is tolerable but why there are sentiments against Gujjars in Kashmir? Whether Gujjars have ever marginalized Kashmiris? Is there any occurrence or example? NO. Then why do we hear the sologan of “Gujjar Gujjar Hai Hai?”

[Photo of Gujjar offering prayers by Dr. Javed Rahi]


Places Named After The Gujjar Tribe In Pakistan

Gujar Places In Pakistan

The thousands of places were named after the Gujjars and their sub-tribes in the Sub-Continent during the period they ruled over the South and some part of Central Asia. In these days an interesting discussion is going on as to who the Gujjars or Gurjars are? I am mentioning the name of some places situated in all the four provinces of Pakistan. This do not include the villages named after the Gujjars situated in Jammu & Kashmir, Northern Areas and the Tribal Areas. I will updating the visitors of this site after I complete the data in respect of these areas. I will also try my best some time later to provide the name of villages after the sub-tribes of Gujjars. The following data will help the analysts and historians to draw some befitting and logical conclusion.
I will be highly obliged if any brethren may add to my knowledge by mentioning such places named after the word Gujar, Gujjar or Gurjar, situated in India or any other part of the world. Kindly forward this despatch to other sites discussing the Gujjar’s dilema.

Ch. Muhammad Ashraf Gujjar,


























North Western Frontier Province(N. W. F. P.)



Manzoor Colony
Gujjar Nallah






you would be more gujjar when u leave islam only

helo mr muslim gujjar i m your fellow hindu gujjar. you are no more a gujjar once you are given to the opinion of one mohammed to dominate your entire life killing your cultural heritage, your ancester's religion(vadiki or sanatana darma or hindu)in the name of islam.with islam you are a sankara jaathi or a worst breed.because hindutva and gujjarathva are one and the first study the cultural nationalism or hindutva then you will understand.what you and i share in common with india and its cultural heritage.islam cuts off that natural bondage between u and me.gujjars became muslims not because they loved but they were forced into by the muslim arabian invaders and killed,raped gujjar women and children.never believe monotheistic faiths like islam brother they are dangerous.the world cannot tolerate one man's opinion to dominate the entire as a fellow gujjar i am inviting you to mother faith back.what is my support study swami vivekananda"s books like chicago lectures and especially about creator god concept, one god concept,re incarnation and the law of karma through his words.then and alone you will discover your true gujjar identity.

No hard feelings to my Hindu brother!!!

Hi there,

I give credence to your views on the history of Arab invasion in India, and its aftermaths. I also admit that Arabs not only deflied the culture of this continent with their value system, but they also committed many war-crimes. Not to speak of other invaders who did the same crimes against humanity in this culturally rich, multi-ethinic region!
I admit that I am a born Muslim. But I find close affinity with my hindu Id i.e. gujjar. This sense of gujjarism runs deep in my blood, and is entrenched in my soul. Now, I am a Muslim by brith, and hindu by civilization. Yet, it seems very difficult for me, and of course for all others who are Muslim gujjars, to re-invent wheel i.e. breaking away with Muslim Id and again sticking to Hinduism.
Let me tell you when some Pakistani gujjar muslim out of his commotion and love for gujjar-cause across the borders shows any gesture, it is something very spotaneous that fizzles out uncontrolably. Please forgive such gujjar fellows! It is not we who dissociated with Hinduism, and joined Muslim invaders, but our ancesters. What about the hindu gujjars (rajputs) who joined Mughal rulers, who also corrupted Indian culture, and committed many war crimes?
Let me turn to Hardy who once said:
"Sins of parents are visited on their children".


S. Chaudhry
Arlöv, Sweden

mr chaudary gujjar(may the dream of islam leave u soon into real

helo sir,first let me say thanks for your cool answer to my article.before going deep into discussion whether gujjars all over the world should revert to mother faith or not.i shall give you definite clear cut examples which shatters all the myth.i have a mother and father.but some other parents who wishes me to have take from my true parents forcibly.years pass on the existing parents seem to be my true day it gets revealed that the existing parents are not my true parents.any director god or human will definitely send to my true parents. another example which is definitely sophistic like of that zakirnaik an islamic scholar.i sat,fully ate slept happily and how long will we dream is as long as he is in a sleeping that dream everything is real.he will that dream is false after he wakes up to reality. gujjars,hindutva,indian civilisation(and here we cannot criticise what rajputs did under mughals and there are conclusively no records as such to prove their atrocities)are one.gujjar were hindus or represented the cultural and religious patterns of the native landfor thousands of years right from the epic age ramayana(20lakh years old)to till the forcible conversions of gujjar into i dont want to elaborate the atrocities of islam on indian civilisation which is still vibrant to absorb all the faiths of the world into its for its inner strenghth.if u are getting used to four hundreds years of islam that is because of habit that is all.the twenty lakh years gujjar cultural and religious experience is greater than a puny four hundred years of gujjar islamic experienc.vivkenand opined the same and said to anglicised indians regarding that is easy to remove three hundred years of british experience andits civilisation from our minds rather than the eternal truth that helped crores of races in india to cross the ocean of samsara befor is from this point of view i said gujjar should more hindu than muslim.if i love rama that does not mean i should deny sai baba.u have lead yourself one mans opinion in the name of islam to dominate your telling you frankly please read swami vivekananda,s chicago lectures,advaita vedanta(nondualism),reincarnation-'is the soul immortal"and karma siddhanta. these are the key aspects that differentiate indian religions with those of the by the hardy statement the sins of parents are visited upon children is figment of imagination as such the principles of fatalism,the concept of riginal sin,creator god concept exited from vedanta long long ago.god neither judgeth nor forgiveth is the principle of vedanta.karma,(as u sow so u reap)has successfully removed the concepts like fatalism,predestination,creator god for ever.for more knowledge of your ex-mother faith pls read swami sankaracharya"s the theory of maya (brahma satyam jagan mithya)(the soul is real the world doesnt exist).if the effect the world does not exist in empirical terms does the creator or cause allah or shiva exist ?such is the heights the eternal dharma reaching scaling one by one and at the same time not condemning poor idol worshippper.u being the descendants of great ram must start preachingnow atleast in islam there by taking furthur in progress.if u want to talk to me more on this i would be happy to reply.and if there are people like you in islam then there will certainly no religious conflicts and for me to fight against islam any more.the way you handled your article had been very nice and moderate and where as i know my article are irrate.may god punish me severely for this.jai sree ram

you are wrong my Hindu Gujjar brother

Hi All,

I am Ashok Harsana, Most of the gujjars using internet for getting updates about gujjars know me as I was the one who made the first website on gujjars and wrote more than 1000 articles and posts to different forums and blogs telling people about the history of Gujjars,

I am realy ashamed to see the comments of one hindu gujjar... I am not able to express my feelings in words here. I dont know why these kind of extremeists are hell bent to spoil the harmony between Hindu and Muslims. I love my all gujjars as they share the same history and bloodline. It hardly matters what their religion or surname is. Relegin is the matter of choice (or more accurately an ideal lifestyle)and it has nothing to do with the holyness or trueness or superiority of one over the other.

I am again feeling hurt with the lines written above by a misguided Gujjar brother (If he is a gujjar ???).. And I say sorry on behalf of my all Hindu Gurjar brothers who never hate anyone on the grounds of relegion. A real Gujjar will love all other Gujjars, We are Gujjars first then we are Hindus, Muslims, sikhs, jains, Chrtistians and Bodhs.

And one more very importent thing Mr. hindu Gurjar, Neither Gujjars and nor Rama (or krishna) were HINDUS. They were either aryans or just Sanatan Dharmi (means a relegin which goes on for ever). The word Hindu (a mere corruption of Sindhu, as there was no S in the arabic languuage and tehy called everyone lying beyond sindhu a "s"Hindu.

Please go to my forum for any other confusion, You are most welcome to discuss your views there, but pls for God's sake Do not ruin the Image of hindu Gujjars like this.

Thanks and Regards

Ashok Harsana


my dear friend/brother

your opinion is very nice and great.

i appreciate your words and ideology.

but one thing i would like to know if you go to any other place rather than your home state, any will identify you by religion or language.

so, think about that and come to conclusion.


I picked 25 e mails from corrospondence of my hindu and muslim gujjars from all over the world.i got geeting and answer from one gujjar from 2 km away from my office.tell me where is language and where is gujjarisim.religon is strong bond as our graet muslim gujjar ch rehmat ali gave us two nation does nt means that we hate gojri.i spak gojri (keh khial aiy tharo?)
eng iftikhar a chaudhry


My dear gujjar brothers
Please don,t fight and dont make this place as manazra for hindu muslim.We respect our religon very much that,s why our gujjar leader ch rehmat ali dreamed for does nt mean we hate hindus.We feel very happy to know that hindu gujjars Rajesh pilot did well and g nabi azad is ruling there.
we should share each other about our culture and we should exchange views humbly.
Sahir ludhianwi was gujjar,mian mohammad baksh arif khari shareef too.Malik ibrar won two seats from pindi.even ismail gujjar from baluchista,shahjehan yousaf,sardar mushtaq from hazara so as many others.Fanoos gujjar formed awami tehreek.
Hafiz Saeed of lashkar e tayeba is gujjar too.
Eng iftikhar ch
deptuy secretary information Pakistan tehreek e insaf
chohan gujjar

to be proud as Muslim Gujjar

Dear Engr. Iftikhar Chaudary
Pakistani Gujjars have a great role to bulid a great pakistan from 1947 to update.
Gujjars are a largest caste in Pakistan,
Zaheer doi

Thanks to Mr. Ashok Harsana

I would like to thank you from bottom of my heart for your sharing and touching sense of respect to whole humanity.

Your real feelings are need of the hour to cop with poisoned minds.

I would like to clarify the

I would like to clarify the following:
1. No Gujjar or rajput from Gujjar stock joined Mughals. The Mughals were the biggest enemy of Gujjars. There are historical evidences available how Babar treated Gujjars, the former Imperials ( Muslim Gujjars od Swat area and Mandhar Gujjars in and around Delhi) to terrorise and scare other population of the Country.
2. Gujjars are a true secular race and there millions of Hindu, Sikhs, Jains and Muslim Gujjars. The Gujjars Kushan empire were divided by the invasion of Huns and that time Georgia ( literally Gurjara and hence Gujjar), Ajaria ( The Gujjars in Afghanistan are also called Ajars, that is Al-Juzrs and Ajaria is named after them). In Georgia there must be Gujjar Christians also who were isolated after the division of Great Gujjar Kuskhan Empire.
3. During the days of Gujjar Pratihars of Kannauj, The Gujjars could not conquer the places beyond the present day Afghanistan.
4. The Gujjars protected all the religions during the days of their Empire and Muslim Historians have wrongly and willfully written that the Gujjars Pratihars Emperors were the biggest enemy of Islam, becuase the Gujjars blocked the expansion of Abbasid Empire at Kabul and Jabul whereas abbasids converted all the population up Spain in to Muslim religion. There are Arab records available that at Kabul the Abbasid armies used take shelter behind a temple to save thier lives from Gujjar armies. In fact the Gujjars were against all invaders.
5. It were Rastrakuts, the other adversaries of Gujjars who formed an alliance with Arabs against Gujjars Pratihar Empire but the Gujjars defeated both of them decisively.
6. It was only when the Gujjars started fighting among themselves and one of the Gujjar fuedatories, the Gujjar Chauhans asserted independence from Gujjar Pratihar empire at around 955AD. It was well after 50 years the Mehmud Gaznavi was able to defeat the Gujjars ( The Gujjar Chauhnas, Gujjar Chandels, Gujjar Solankis etc). and that too one at a time only. Finally the Gujjar Pratihar Empire came to an end 1018 AD when Gaznavi installed one Gahadwal rajput as Governer of Kannauj. Later The Gujjar Solankis kin Bhima Deva, of present day Gujarat defeated gaznavi and Gaznavi never retuned to India but at than time the Gahadwal also became independent but kept supporting the invaders like Ghori against Gujjar Chauhans.
7. Later during the invasionj of Babar it were Gujjars who resisted him more than others.Near Delhi, These Mandars Gujjars have severly defeated the initial forces of Babar and Babar had to send 4000 of his choicest cavalry to defeat them. Many Mandars were captured and half buried under ground and then killed by arrows to spread terror. The woman and children were captured and were converted to Islam.
Hence even at the fall of Gujjar Empire the Gujjars fought decisive battles and we are proud of ancestors.
8. The other Hindu population should remember that due to the Power of Gujjars the Arabs could enter India from 6th. to 10th. century otherwise the whole of India would have been a Muslim Country today. These are not my words but are are the version of noted historians like Mr. Majumdar, Mr. Bhadarkar and Mr. KM Munshi etc. etc.
Hence the Gujjars should be united since it was their infighting that Mughals and other invaders became successful taking advantages of thier divide.

Corrections in my above

Corrections in my above post:
Point No. 3:
Though the size of Gujjar empire during the days of Gurjar Samrat Mihir Bhoja Mahan, the size of Gujjar Empire was from Sindh to Karnanataka in South and Dhaka in the east and the size of army was 80 lakhs having the best cavalry of that time but due to fighting three enemies,The Arabs, Rashtrakuts and the palas, The Gujjars could not conquer the places beyond the present day Afghanistan and hence could not unite the states area covered up to places like Georgia, Ajaraia etc. to their empire, which were earlier ruled by their ancestors, the Gujjar Kushans.
Point Number 8:
The other Hindu population should remember that due to the Power of Gujjars the Arabs could not enter India from 6th. to 10th. century otherwise the whole of India would have been a Muslim Country today. These are not my words but are are the version of noted historians like Mr. Majumdar, Mr. Bhadarkar and Mr. KM Munshi etc. etc. Hence instead of writing bad about Gujjars, irrespective of their religion,they should feel faithful to Gujjars.
Hence the Gujjars should be united since it was their infighting that Mughals and other invaders became successful taking advantages of thier divide.

hi,bro i am a hindu gurjar

hi,bro i am a hindu gurjar frm india but i love my community very much.and also my brothers in pakistan as once upon the time we were one

you would be more gujjar when u leave islam only


Good to know that there are Hindu Gujjars around too.
Don't want to get into religious tirade but must state the following:

1. Gujjars were never forced into Islam. Those who converted were lucky.
I wish you can figure out what you are missing.

2. Muslim invaders were no better human beings than Hindus. They overpowered because they became fearless because of a better ( rather the best) religion.

Never mind the religion, I welcome you as Gujjar. We have a great cultural heritage. Do you speak Gojri. Where are you from and what do you do. Tell me all about you.

Namastay (did I use this word correctly).

Mohammad Malik

i found nothing reality in

i found nothing reality in your comment but after reading your comment i found one thing i.e, you are absent minded person & i pray to God that you will get well soon.

To Ch. Ashraf Gujjar

Dear me,

It sounds very good to read the empirical evidences scattered in the sub-continent which show an ample testimony to the fact that gujjars had a gorgeous past,wonderful accomplishemnts and great times. I dont think that any dispassionate, fair historian would contest on the acheivements of gujjars in the annals of history. But, the question is: where do we stand today? This self-addressed question must act an eye-opener for our gujjar fraternity within and across the borders.

In Pakistan, we all watched the rise of minor castes, low castes and the socially backwards and that too within very short span of about 2 decades or so. Even Jats, who can be branded as cousins of gujjars, scaled to great heights in almost all walks of life. How and why it happened? The reasons are not far to seek. Hard work, love for other members within the same clan, and above all favouritism!
This might hold very much applicable at least in the case of Jats of Pakistan, who have made their presence felt on the socio-political totem-pole. Their rise is also indebted to the interest and work of the jats leaders in politcs who took care of their tribe.

Brother! I value your love for gujjar tribe, and thereby appreciate your efforts to give an impression of the royalty of gujjars in the past perspective. But, all of this looks as if we want to tell the world that we enjoyed great power in the ancient and medieval history. I want to ask myself: What material and substantial difference will it make?

To me, the greatness of a nation (or tribe) lies in the fact that they keep an eye on what goes on in the present, ruminates over their past status, and plan their future with reference to their present status.
To what extent do you agree or disagree with me?


S. Chaudhry
Arlöv, Sweden

To Ch. Ashraf Gujjar


I generally agree with you on the following:
"To me, the greatness of a nation (or tribe) lies in the fact that they keep an eye on what goes on in the present, ruminates over their past status, and plan their future with reference to their present status."

However, I would like to make some points:

1. I am not a real believer of all the hyperbolic history of Gujjars. I believe Gujjars were there in most of the western half of India but they never had a strong or formal rule. They had the pastures to themselves and did not have much competition. They loved their abodes and lots of places got naturally named after them.

Their fortunes started to fade with Ghaznavi's attacks and the following Mughal rule. They really took a hit when the British formally created land records. Gujjars were too busy tending to their herds and were not very future looking to get their pastures recorded in their names.

2. I think it is not correct to measure Gujjar well-being by yardsticks of political or bureaucratic strength. Gujjars live in the hinterland and in the plush mountains. They love their pastures, livestock and crop-fields. They are busy and happy with their lives. They feel uneasy in big population centers. Those who have made it to politics and bureaucracy are not as happy as the Gujjar Cowboys and Goatmen in their traditional abodes.

3. Despite the above two points, Gujjars have done pretty good in the last three or so decades, especially in Pakistan. Following are some big names, starting with most recent:

Now famous Chief Justice Iftikhar Chaudhry
At least two MNA's from Hazara in Current Assembly
Out going Speaker, Ch. Amir Hussain, several MNA's and at least two Ministers
Cricketers, Shoaib Akhtar and Asif Iqbal, Singer, Nahid Akhtar, Hocky Star and later Provincial Minister, Saleem Sherwani.
Deupty Speaker, Ch. Jaafer Iqbal in last Nawaz Gov't.
Punjab Police Chief, Sardar Mohammad Chaudhry. I found his book "Jehan-e-Hairat" pretty amazing.
Chief Election Commissioner and previously Chief Justice Peshawar HC, Sardar Fakhre Alam.
Mian Gul Aurangzeb, Wali of Swat, Governor of Baluchistan a few years back
Gen. Sawar Khan, Army Chief and prevously Governor of Punjab and also Frontier under Ziaul Haq
Air Force Chief, Air-Marshal Rahim under Bhutto
Presiden Ch. Fazal Ellahi
Malik Feroz Khan Noon, PM in late fifties (Nevermind if he served only a few months)

I live in Texas, USA and on my last visit to Pakistan, I was amazed at the presence of Gujjars in our area (Hazara division in Frontier) in local elected officials, academia and bureaucracy and above all, many with their own businesses.

I think Gujjars are thriving.


Mohammad Malik

asslam valekum

hi,mallik bhai jaan,my name is aryan gujjar and i am a hindu gujjar but unlike my chatrapathi brother i love my all gujjar brothers whether they are hindu or muslims.AND OFFCOURSE I WOULD LOVE TO CHAT WITH AS I HAVE LOT OF THINGS TO SHARE.I HOPE YOU WOULD ALSO LOVE TO DO THE SAME. LOVE U ALL GUJJAR BROTHERS AND SISTERS

hello h r u my name iz adnan

hello h r u my name iz adnan gujjar i am frm pakistan i like urs comments

GUJJARS : 2nd Largest Ethinic & Linguistic Entity Of Afghanistan

GUJJARS : A Warrior Tribe Who Inflicted Collosol Loss To The USSR

GUJJARS : The 2nd Largest Ethinic & Linguistic Entity Of Afghanistan

By: Ch. M. Ashraf Gujjar,

The U.S.A. and her allied countries had propounded the idea of a broad-based Government in Afghanistan, comprising of all the ethnic and linguastic groups. The western countries had false perception about the exact ethnic and linguastic division of Afghanistan. It was mistakenly believed that the Afghnistan is ethnically devided into Pushtoons and Persian speaking Northern alliance. The U.S.A. and its allies, while forming the present Karzai Government in Afghanistan, absolutely ignored the second largest and major ethnic Gujjar community. The Gujjars constitutes to be 35% of Afghanistan’s total population.
2. The Gujjar is the largest tribe of the World, which is admittedly recognized to be the major ethnic group in Pakistan, India, Indo-Pak held Jammu & Kashmir, Xing Xiang(China), Tibet, Nepal, Bhuttan, Sakkum, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Georgia and other Central Asian States. The Gujjars can rightly be termed as an International tribe, who are not restricted and confined by the frontiers or borders.
3. There is much known about the Gujjars dwelling in almost all parts of India and Pakistan. There population in India and Pakistan is 20 & 03-billion respectively. The Sub-Continent and Central Asia was ruled for centuries by the Gujjars, also known as Gurjars. It was during their rule that thousands of places were named after them or their sub-tribes in India, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Central Asian States, e.g. Gujarat, Gujaranwala, Gujarwal, Gujar Dhar, Gujar Garrh, Gujar Khan, Kalla Gujjaran, Gujar Garrhi, Gurjistan, Gujarni, Gujaristan, Georjia, Gujar Abad and Gujar Khashi, There are numerous places named after the sub-clans of Gujjars, e.g.Chechania, Chechian, Jhanda Chechi, Kharian, New-Katarian, etc.
4. The Gujjars of Afghanistan have always played a very important and significant role in Afghanistan. The Afghanistan is broadly divided into four major ethnic groups, i.e. (1)-Pushtoons 40%, (2)-Gujjars speaking Gujari and other languages 35%, (3)-Persian speaking 10% and (4)-others 15%. The over whelming and majority population of 14 Provinces of Afghanistan consists of Gujjar tribe, who generally speak Gujjari langauage. In some areas they also speak Pushto or Persian in addition to Gujjari langauage. This language is also spoken by the Gujjars of India and Pakistan. The Gujjarati, Daccani, Rajasthani, Mewati and mewarri, according to some scholars, are the regional names and dialects of Gujjari language. A brief and approximate account of Gujjar population in some of the Afghan-Provinces is given hereunder:-
i) Kunnarr : This province is situated in the south of Afghanistan and
in the North of Pakistan. The Gujjar tribe is living with over-whelming majority in this Province. The famous towns and villages of the Gujjars are Narrai, Asmar, Hari Kot, Tashagul, Konigul, Gorin, Inchagal, Samsagal, Karchigal, Bazagal, Batash, Hegal and Asoom, etc.
ii) Lughman : Its more than 50% population consists of Gujjar tribe.
There are approximately 45-villages having hundred percent Gujjar population.
iii) Panjsher : The Gujjars constitutes 40% population of this Province.
Perkhar and Wersak towns are the famous strong-holds of the Gujjars.
iv) Badakhshan : The Gujjars constitutes half of the population of this
Province. The Bajjarr, Chauhan, Bherwal, Jangle, Bhaddana, Kohli, Doei and Bokarra are the famous sub-tribes/clans of Gujjars living in this Province.
v) Kondos : The ¾ population of this Province consists of Gujjar tribe.
vi) Farkhar : More than 90% population of this Province belongs to the
Gujjar community. The Dashtiachi, Namakao, Khestazi and Khefdar, etc. are the famous towns & villages of the Gujjar tribe.
vii) Mazar Sharif : In this Province over 30% population consists of
Gujjar community.
viii) Baglan : In this Province over 40% population belongs to the Gujjar
ix) Aneshkamesh : The 70% population of this Province is consisted of
Gujjar tribe.
x) Palol : The Gujjar is a majority tribe of this Province. The Gujjar
commanders Mr. Ghulam Sakhi Khattana and Mr.Fardol Khatana, the militant leaders of Harkat-e-Islamia Afghanistan also belonged to this Province. They inflicted collosal loss to the enemy during the cold-war.
xi) Andraf : The Gujjars constitues ¾ population of this Province. The
Gujjar Generals Moman Bherwal and Mr. Arbab Therwal Malang, the militant Gujjar Commanders of Hizb-e-Islami belonged to this province. These Generals earned lot of name and recognition during the cold-war.
xii) Taloqan : The Gujjars forms half of the population of the Province.
Mr. Arbab Hakeem Chechi, the Supreme Gujjar Commander of Hizb-e-Islami also belonged to this Province. He also earned world wide recognition during the cold war.
xiii) Shabargan : The Gujjars are 1/3 of the total population of this

5. The Gujjars are also living with a prominent sizeable minority in the following Provinces of Afghanistan : -
i Nangarhar,
ii Kabul,
iii Logar,
iv Qandhar,
v Gazni,
vi Kapisa,
vii Gardez,
viii Tamroze, and
ix Harat.
6. The Gujjars played a leading role in war (Jehad) against the U.S.S.R. since beginning in the year 1979. Mir Afzal Chechi of Kunnarr Province was one of the leading founders to organise and start the war(Jehad) to liberate Afghanistan from the clutches of U.S.S.R., who also sacrificed his life for the sacred cause. Malik Sher Afzal and Malik Qabeel of Kunnarr Province also significantly contributed towards organizing the war and Jehad against the U.S.S.R.
7. The following militant leaders of various Jahadi organizations, who fought against the U.S.S.R., also belonged to the Gujjar tribe of Afghanistan:-
i) Dr.M.Abdul Qayyum, Founder, Hizb-e-Islami
ii) Maulana M.Younas Khalis Quaid, Hizb-e-Islami
iii) Muhammad Ayub, Amir, Tanzeem Ahl-e-Hadith
iv) Ghulam Chechi, Commander Hizb-e-Islami
v) Mauland Akhawandzada Commander Harkat-e-Islami
vi) Nadir Khan Commander Harkat-e-Islami
vii) Arbab Mian Gul Chechi Commander Jamaat-e-Islami
viii) Haji Zardali Commander Hizb-e-Islami
ix) Haji Daim Khan Commander Tanzeem Ahl-e-Hadith
x) Musafar Khan Commander Hizb-e-Islami
xi) Maulana Umra Khan Commander Hizb-e-Islami
xii) Haji Badam Khan Commander Mahaz-e-Milli
xiii) Mir Alam Commander Jamat-e-Islami
xiv) Malik Sadbar Commander Hizb-e-Islami
xv) Maulana Kaduaali Amir Islami Hizb
xvi) Mirza Lal Doei Commander Jamat-e-Islami
xvii) Madir Gujjarwal Commander Harkat-e-Islami
xviii) Malik Jabeen Chechi Commander Hizb-e-Islami
xix) Malik Shireen Commander Hizb-e-Islami
xx) Malik Maasal Commander Hizb-e-Islami
xxi) Hazrat Bilal Sher Commander Harkat-e-Islami
xxii) Malik Gul Sharif Commander Tanzeem Ahl-e-Hadith
8. The thousands of Gujjar Mujahideens sacrificed their lives while fighting against USSR during the period of cold war. A large number of Gujjars had to migrate to Pakistan and other neighbouring countries during and after the cold-war. The majority of Gujjar migratees were living in Bhai Cheena Camps, Anayat Kaley Camps in Bajorr Agency, Dodaba Camps and Ranrri Camps in Dir district of Pakistan.
9. The culture, language, customs and traditions of the Gujjars are entirely different than the pushtoon ethnic stock. The Gujjars of Afghanistan speaks Gujjari language, the language that also spoken in most of the areas of Indo & Pakistan and enjoys its representation on a number of state owned Radio and Television channels in India and Pakistan.
10. It will be worth mentioning that the Pushto speaking population do not belong to one community, triabal or racial group rather they are devided into Shanwaris, Afridis, Safis, Khattaks, Mashwanis and Yousafzais, etc. etc., whereas, on the contrary the Gujjars of Afghanistan belongs to one racial and tribal group unlike Pushtoons, who are just a linguistic group.
11. The over 30-Million Gujjars in Pakistan and 20-Billion Gujjars in India had extended their implied and unconditional support to the notion of forming the broad based Afghan-Government comprising of all the ethnic groups and communities in Afghanistan so to win the war against terror.
12. It was expected that the Gujjars being the second largest ethnic and linguistic community certainly was to be considered as a significant constitutent in broad-based government as by ignoring the Gujjars neither any government can function as a representative establishment nor that could be a workable or perpetual solution to the growing problems of Afghanistan. The U.S.A., U.K. and Pakistan Governments should have derived an acceptable formula giving due representation to the Gujjars of Afghanistan.
13. The worrior & majority Gujjar tribe has not been given any representation while forming the present Afghan Government, the result is obvious, the writ of presetn Afghan-Government could hardly be established within the radious of only two Kilo meter area and more specifically speaking within the Presidential Compound under the guard and security of Allied forces. They are the brave Gujjars only who can restrict and confine the war-lords into their cloths and can bring the perpetual peace in Afghanistan. These Gujjars of Afghanistan also enjoys the unshaken support of 23-billion Gujjars of Pakistan and India. The Allied Forces, in order to bring the perpetual peace in Afghanistan, may even now draw a strategy to form a true representative Aghan-Government.

GUJJARS : 2nd Largest Ethinic & Linguistic Entity Of Afghanistan

Vow, this is great information. I knew a police officer, Bostan Khan Khatana, in Peshawar in the seventies. He was a great Gujjar nationalist and used to say similar things about the population of Gujjars in Afghanistan but I never believed him. I thought he was making it up to motivate us as students. According to him, Daud Khan who overthrew Zahir Shah was a Gujjar.

This information seems to be real. I think Gujjars are getting pretty active. They will get their due share in political power if democracy takes hold in Afghanistan.

Mohammad Malik

Is it a sin to be a Gujjar?

I think Javed Rahi misunderstood the anti-Gujjar demonstration in Indian Occupied Kashmir. (I am a Pakistani Gujjar)
I love the slogan "Gujjar-Gujjar Hai Hai ………..Nab Gujjar Hai Hai." Here, Nab means Ghulam Nabi Azad who is a Gujjar.(I don't necessarily agree with Azad's policies). This testifies to Gujjar power. I would like to see some more such anti-Gujjar shows.

Mohammad Malik

Dear Mr Malik/Mr Ashraf, I

Dear Mr Malik/Mr Ashraf,

I am pleased to learn about the gujjar caste from Mr Malik, Mr Ashraf and others that have commented below. I was almost of the opinion that the history of the gujjar caste was very limited but am surprised that I knew so little about it.

Despite being from a gujjar family I have not come across many other people of the gujjar caste except of course my immediate family. I have known of the gujjar caste being widespread but clearly underestimated its numbers. I only recently dicovered that my grandfather also speaks Gojri and its a real shame to know that this will be lost as time goes on.

Where can I find out more? and what are the origins of the spoken Gojri language?


Info for Shaida


Your comments are appreciated. I am glad that this effort is helpful.
Here are some sites that may be of interest:

* This site has a good summary of Gujjar history for quick glance.

* This site has a very famous book online--- Gujjar History By - RANA ALI HASSAN CHOHAN

Gojri is widely spoken by Gujjars in Kashmir (Indian as well as Pakistani), upper Hazara and some areas of Swat. It is mostly a spoken language. Some poetry books are there but there is not a lot of written material. There are radio programs in Gojri from Muzaffarabad and Srinagar. There used to be Gojri News program from Peshawar too. I am not sure if it is still alive.

I share your concern about losing Gojri. We are in a similar boat. I speak Gojri but my kids don't. But Gujjars are a large group of tribes and I think there are and will remain plenty of them to keep Gojri alive.

If you want to speak to a real person and try some Gojri, e-mail me at:
and I can put you in touch with one of my sisters.


Mohammad Malik

Mohammad Malik

asalam halikum to all gujjarz.
i m malik engr.tahir berwal (bharwal) from haripur haripur about 40% population is of gujar tribe.present MNA of haripur hazara SARDAR MUSHTAQ KHAN KHATANA is also gujjar.he is newphew of ex election comisioner and cheif justice sardar fakhre alam.

Mohammad Malik
r u from haripur or manshera.

Fruitful Response

Dear Ms. Shaida, i m living at rawalpindi pakistan, u know that in Hazara, swat, mansehra, balakot, kagan district the language is commonly speaking, that is Gojri,
I was so glad when i visited the said valleys and hear my own cast language gojri.
my native land is indian held kashmir,
waiting for a fruiful reply.


sarian kolaon pailion tamnan mera salam
mera khial aiy main pehla gujjar oon jira thara nal gojri ma gall piya karoon.
yaqeen kario gujjar na sirf pakistan man balke poori dunya man manyan taiy permannnian giyan.qom na is waqt islam aor kfr ki jang man dhkailiya ki bejaiy jira aur jitt koi apni qoum gaiy kam awaiy owai sacha gujjar aiy.
ik hor gal vi thar nal karta chaloon gujjar o jana nai jira bus gujran gaiy kam aiy.sacha taiy acha gujjar sarian ga khial karaiy.geeway gujjar geeway islam geeway pakistan
eng iftikhar chuadhry
deputy secretary information central Pakistan tehreek e insaf

Good Thinking Mr.Iftikhar ch.

i agreed with ur thinking choudhary sahib,kash hum sub gujjron ki soch bhi app ki terha ho,qom wohi kamyab ha jo ek dosry kay kam aye,lakin afsoos say kahna perta ha abhi tak ya shaoor gujjar qom mein abhi itna zada nahi ha,anyway nice thinking.
Razzaq choudhary

Joining of Tehriq-e-Insaf

Ifthikahr Bhai Hru? We also belong to gujjar family,I (Nadeem) belong to distic Liya and my collegue Ch.Hassan Ahmed belongs to Muzaffarabad AJK!, today we are very happy to read diffrent statement about Gujjar's & whole humanity and also enjoyed your's gojri language.
Dear brother Iftikahr I want to get some information about tehrik-e-insaf if u don't mind then pleas send me some information such as membership, Ajanda's..... etc of Tehrik-e-Insaf?

I'm waiting for your reply?

your Brothers!
Nadeem & Hassan

Joining of Tehriq-e-Insaf

Ifthikahr Bhai Hru? We also belong to gujjar family,I (Nadeem) belong to distic Liya and my collegue Ch.Hassan Ahmed belongs to Muzaffarabad AJK!, today we are very happy to read diffrent statement about Gujjar's & whole humanity and also enjoyed your's gojri language.
Dear brother Iftikahr I want to get some information about tehrik-e-insaf if u don't mind then pleas send me some information such as membership, Ajanda's..... etc of Tehrik-e-Insaf?

I'm waiting for your reply?

your Brothers!
Nadeem & Hassan

i am very happy to read your message in gujre

hi my name is aslam pervez .i am from mansehra .i am very happy that gujjar are introduce your own tradation . dear briefly write yourself.thanks


Mohtaram IftiKhar Chaudhary Gujjar Assakamo Aialkum
.Thari soch qabil-e-tehseen hay k tam ney madri zaban ma izhar keeo hay.tam shabash aor mubarikbad k laik ho. aik araz hay k zaban maan gi tara hay jis ki hifazat poori aolad apar lazmi hay iss wastay pori qaum go aik platform zarori hay.

tharo phai
s.zaman gujjar
Chairman Gujjar Ittehad Council

pyara gujjer bhaio aslam

pyara gujjer bhaio aslam alakm k hal hy tharo i love gujjer bhai bhen apno khial rkhio

00966506479058 riyadh k s a

be confident my gujjar brothers and keep it up......READ IT MUST

assalam alykum!
i am sardar khurram shahzad gujjar,doing electronic engineering
first of all i would like to thank u all gujjar brothers that u people take much ineterst in ur community and here 2 for participating.thank 2 iftikhar choudary for posting scrap in gojri.
i hav visited a website in which it was posted that in hindo pak the hindu gujjars was compelled to convert to islam when forigheners attack at that time gujjar were ruler and charge was taken from them and compelled to embrace islam. i know here that some gujjars or may be most of gujjars were hindu but it was totaly wrong that they was compelled by sword..they accept islam by their own bcoz of equality of islam,its integrity ,,bothrhood,,which was not in hinduism and i thank my ALLAH that they accept ISLAM and we here are muslims.
gujjar are not only hindu or muslim but there are also sikh,budhits,and and of other religion then tell me who forced them to join these religions.
muje bada afsos hoa hindu gujjars ki thought dekh kar ,any way dont create misunderstanding b/w urselves either u are a gujjar any religion.
love each other,and also to your whole country and 2 all humanity bcoz being human beings all are equal..take care ta k hamari apas ki mohabbat se kisi ki haqtalfi na ho bcoz we hav 2 appeared before our GOD.
THANK YOU AND BEST OF LUCK...keep on participating.
i am
sardar khurram shahzad gujjar
studing in karachi
cell no:-03343761856 wid info abt

Salam.I'am a sunni muslim from India..I happened to read about Gujjars in wikipedia and just to acquire some more knowledge, i needed your help.I read on wiki that there are muslim Gujjars, which made me proud.I guess you are one of them ..just out of curiosity i wanna know do you follow islam like any sunni Muslim with five basic tenants or do your practices vary from ours . I would be glad if you can reply me.Thank you.:)

w/salam... yes rida we here

yes rida we here are sunni muslim gujjar.most of us are sunni and we re proud of that and u know well all the sunni follow same religion(islam
) with little difference but basics are same like 5 pillar or 5 tenats..there is huge gujjar community in pakistan iincluding prominant personalities in every field.

DEAR gujjars ,

DEAR gujjars ,
i am nabeel gujjar from lahore currently studying in china in mbbs final i am feeling very proud after having so much knowledge about my caste. few thing i want to say friends:day by the day our caste is reaching heights.believe me , we are out from that label usually we people called as *milk man*. this is just because of you people. i cant say anymore because i dont have much knowledge about certain things as i am still a small guy just aged 20. i will be very thankful if some one contacts me and we have chat about our caste and other issues.. my email is alot

The Gujjars

you click on

U will find all u want

Wasim Khatana

dear nabeel, i am asif

dear nabeel,
i am asif hussain from lahore, i am a gujjar and proud to be a gujjar, this is misconception of milk man gujjars etc. gujjars had always been remains dominant factor thoughout the history, yes there was period when they were deprived of education, i agree now gujjars are back on the track and they are forwarding every walk of lif

Dear Nabeel

Dear Nabeel,

If u realy want to know the history of our caste then u better should take a look at ,, and and the most importantly just type "gujjar" in search box n u will b proud after watching or reading the results. there u will find what u seek for i mean the brief history of our caste. secondly i m really proud to b a gujjar cuz its the biggest n glorious caste of the world. Regards,

Ch. Bilal Ahmed Gujjar (Noon)
Karachi, Pakistan.


Dear bilal gujjar please send your contact on my sel # 03333562742
S.Zaman Gujjar
Gujjar Ittehad Council

a real gurjar/gujjar is gujjar first

hillo i m mukesh poswal

A real Gujjar will love all other Gujjars, We are Gujjars first then we are Hindus, Muslims, sikhs, jains, Chrtistians and Bodhs.pls... love all religon gujar bcoz we r the first gujjar and then religonious.

though i am not gujjar but

though i am not gujjar but lived among gujjars,for more than three decades still association is on, to sum up the need of the hour is to unite,help needy fellow brothren,assist to cut shackles of illetracy,exploitation and indifference attitude .. Keep in mind that we judge ourselves what we are capable of doing others judge what we have done,gujjar boasts much ,does less.

want to know about gujjars in pak

hi, everyone,

i am a gujjar from punjab india..... and i want to know about gujjars in pakistan... their history, culture and other things like what they do etc...

Gujar's in Pakistan

Hey man how are you? I am gujar from Pakistan. I have been to India and met few gujars in Delhi or say Gurgaon. We have a lot of similarities. If we leave our religion aside by nature we are brothers. Our ego comes first. We live for our principles. Mainly we have transport, construction, farming businesses and we take pride in it. We always prefer to marry in gujar families.

Hope this will give you a bit of indication about gujars in Pakistan.

Seeya Bye


hi h r u i am frm pakistan i am gujjar

Gujjar's Pride

I am Chechi Gujjar from Pakistan Held Kashmir and I am proud to tell you that gujjars are making good progress in every field of life and are trying to equipped with the latest education. If the progress remain same, then no doubt we will be the best.


Ismail Chechi


Dears sir its been very intersting to read all the evidence about the history of the Gujjar peoples. I just like to make a little contribution to the debate for the sake of all Hindu fundamentalist irespective of whether they are gujjars or not. Gujjars of Pakistan, kashmir,and Afghanistan are all Muslims they have been Muslims for a very long time. They are proud of their religion. Indeed many Imaams and Muslim saints have been Gujars. Many Mujahideen fighter, in Afghanistan, against the Russians were Gujjars. Therefore, muslim Gujjars are not ever going to become Hindus. If you look at history many millions of Hindus, Bhudists and even Christians in Europe become Muslims. But never have Muslims converted to any other faith in any significant scale. So please stop trying to convert Muslim Gujjars to Hinduism, its a wasted effort. Please accept Muslim Gujjjars as they are

gujjar first

forget about each other religon keep in mind one thing only that we are gujjar first.unite whole world gujjars because history cleary tell us we had lots of losses due to our on mistakes